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Soundpeats Air3 Wireless Earbuds $44.24 Delivered @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


Reviews just came out, claimed to be the best half-in ear/airpods style earbuds yet. I would believe that, I've gone through at least 6-7 different pairs and the True Air 2's I have are by far the best next to Apple Airpods. Don't need another pair but I bought em' anyway.

The coupon code I found on Picky Audio's YouTube channel who just released a review - Australian Youtuber not many subs but I think his reviews are great, special thanks to him that we can get 25% off!

Coupon only valid until Sep 19

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I love how this is supposed to be a new product, but all the top Amazon reviews dates back to mid 2020.

    • +2

      Amazon reviews must be broken as I can tell some of them are referring to a different product.

      *I was referring to YouTube reviews in my description

      • Happened lately with a lot Amazon reviews

    • +2

      they change the product but keep the reviews there, really dodgy

    • It’s because they change the product page to keep the reviews rather than have a new product page with no reviews.

  • No white?

  • Difference between these and True Air 2?

    • Keen to know same

      • Sound is said to be better. Mic tests also sound better to my ear slightly. Battery on case reduced, earbuds are slightly smaller. Ear detection. Better water resistance.

  • They may have made some refinements in software and reduced the case size, but it doesn't look like there's much difference between these and the 2. The specs and bud dimensions are the same from what I can see.

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    Best review is here. PickyAudio

  • No wireless charging

  • -3

    Whoever thinks to have the Apple sound quality with $44 will be disappointed.

    • You tried?

    • +2

      apple and sound quality in the same sentence….hmmm…

      • -1

        As I expected people never tried and call them junk again.

        • -1

          Keep expecting. You are the one talking about junk not me. Just saying you won't have the Apple quality at this price level like bragged in the op. It's the old story of people driving Kias laughing at BMW drivers.

      • Did you try the Apple ones? Hmmmm

  • What's the best charging strategy for these sorry of earbuds? Keep topping up the case to green as often as possible? Top up only when yellow? Run it out then charge?

    • +1

      its lithium so you dont need to worry too much about full discharging and charging. top up as needed.

      • Don't leave it until 0%

  • Looks like sold out

  • Seems to be back in stock

  • My True Air 2 broke within 3 months. :(

    • Chat with Amazon they will allow you to return it.