Decrypting Samsung S8

Hey guys,

I need to access my old S8 but I cannot remember the password to get access. The lock screen isn't the standard pin/swipe its shows up when you boot up your phone. So I was wondering if any knew any phone services that can unlock or decrypt my phone, preferably in Sydney.

I need to data to be intact, I know I can factory reset it but I don't want to… The Samsung support team mentioned it was possible but not through their support service (they didn't refer me to anyone too).



  • Do you care about the data on the phone?

    • Yes, I have 3 years worth of photos on it and I unfortunately encrypted my SD card too

      • Just curious how you encrypt SD card?
        And can you encrypt phones internal storage?

  • One word.


    • I don't think it's Knox. I didn't use any additional software to encrypt it. It was the default software that was pre-installed on the phone

  • sounds fishy

    • As fishy as it may sound, it's not completely impossible that it's legit. I encrypted my iphone backup when I first set it up and for the live of me cannot remember what the password is! I still don't to this day…

      To be clear, I still use the phone, it's the password for backup encryption that I don't remember.

      • +1

        For what it's worth, you can reset the iTunes backup password whilst preserving user data.

        Just read the instructions very carefully, it's not factory resetting the device but removing the settings data which includes the iTunes backup password.
        According the the instructions, this process will remove settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. Which sounds easily reconfigurable.

        • Thanks, might consider giving it a go!

    • I've got access to the Samsung account and everything…

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    Can you see if Google Photos has automatically backed up your photos?

    • Great idea! Thanks mate, was able to get 14gb worth of photos via Samsung Cloud but still missing a few :(

      • Have you previously enabled USB Debugging at all? Might be able to use adb commands. But if you're just on stock you might be SOL.

  • AFAIK you can't (easily) - if it appears during boot on older devices, before getting to the 'unlock' screen the full device encryption has been enabled (that's how it was on my old Note 9 anyway)
    I'm surprised Samsung would say it is possible, then again I guess it probably is, just at high cost.
    Hope you find a way friend!

  • If you know the samsung account and pwd, you can use this link to unlock your phone. I have had samsung support guide me through to enable dex on a S8 with a shattered screen.

    • It doesnt work, its not your standard home lock street. It pops up when i boot up my phone