How to Change Pickup Store Option for IKEA at Online Checkout

Simply trying to change IKEA store pickup address from Richmond to Springvale, but finding it impossible!

Can someone shed some light please?

Thanks very much

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  • On put in the post code to see collection options and select the one you want.

    • Done all this, even set my address to Ikea Springvale, but it only give Richmond as pickup, with no option to change store! Never seen anything so ridiculous

      • Maybe not in stock at Springvale?

        • Na, everything Im after is in stock, I spent about a year checking all items indivdually lol

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    That's how Ikea click and collect works. You don't get to pick the location or the time. They have limited time slots for each pick up, and you get allocated if there is any at the time.

    In your case the Richmond store has no available pick up slot, you can either go to Springvale or try checking the next day until a slot in Richmond appears

    The click and collect system is totally not friendly…. Keep trying

  • On the side note, the click and collect option seems to have disappeared entirely on the IKEA website. I tried selecting Richmond, VIC, after entering my post code, and it just comes up with postage… Seems like the website is borked.

    • Same here for me… Says collection is currently unavailable. It's been like this since yesterday.

      • I had Springvale popup for click and collect for a brief moment, which disappeared after an error was thrown. It only shows "PUP Launceston" at
        49 Translink Ave South Western Junction, 7212 Launceston, which is in an entirely different state.

        • Well it seems like it's an Australia wide thing then, I'm from NSW and none of the IKEAs around me have click & collect available. If it ever ends up working for you please let me know, I'm about to give up and just order delivery if it doesn't get fixed within the next 3 days lol

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            @tofusana: Sure thing! I also had a similar thought that if it's not fixed by Monday I'll just pay for delivery. Deliveries to apartments are a nightmare, which is why I am edging for Click & Collect :)

            • @mpcr34: Hey did click and collect get fixed for you? Swear to god click and collect was working this morning but I held off from placing my order until this afternoon because I wanted to finalise and measure a few things. And now it says click and collect is unavailable again… Omg

              • @tofusana: Springvale branch appeared, then disappeared almost immediately after pressing next to pay. I will just absorb the $12 postage XD Damn IKEA…

  • Any updates or statements from IKEA? The website is either broken or the Victorian stores are completely closed? There's no option to click and collect

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      "Hej, thanks for your message. If your preferred collection location isn’t currently available to select from the drop down menu, this would mean that they have reached capacity and are no longer taking orders at this time. We recommend attempting to place your order again in 1-3 days. We apologise for any inconvenience"

      • I've been waiting for 2 weeks now. 1 to 3 days is an understatement unfortunately.

        • I just placed a C&C order at springvale, keep trying I guess.

  • LOL. Just tried to order a C&C for Richmond, VIC. IKEA are offering pickup at Launceston, TAS…

  • On their website… when you click ont he springvale store and scroll down to opening hours…. the Click and Collect says Tues 19th Oct and Wed 20th Oct: Temporarily Closed. I checked yesterday and it only said that for Tuesday but I guess they're still closed today and maybe tomorrow they'll add it next to thursday too. Perhaps it's a COVID related issue?