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War Wind was released as a freebie on GOG.com just over a year ago (see dealbot's post), but it was belatedly released yesterday/today for the first time on Steam, by the publisher SNEG - and its free for Steam users to launch and play (Steam desktop application required).

War Wind is an old school real-time strategy game from the mid 1990s, around the time of Warcraft II, Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation etc. Among the many interesting details on War Wind's Wikipedia entry, the game was a finalist for Computer Gaming World and CNET Gamecenter's 1996 Strategy Game of the Year awards - those awards ultimately went to Civilization II

Original release date: September 23, 1996
Company: DreamForge Intertainment

The Ancient, alien world of Yavain teeters on the brink of anarchy as the winds of change threaten to blow civilisation asunder! For centuries, four diverse races have tolerated a precarious balance of power. But the time has come for change. A new order is in the wind - AND IT WILL BE BORN OF BLOOD AND FIRE! War Wind allows you to view this epic struggle through the eyes of four unique races, each with its own strengths, weaknesses and distinctive A.I. A real-time strategy masterwork, War Wind features 28 ready-to-play scenarios. A powerful Scenario Editor that allows you to place units and build new battles. And a story of such compelling depth you won't believe it's just a game.

  • Carry your 8 favourite units from scenario to scenario
  • Advanced combat options, including stealth movement, bio mechanically enhanced units and monstrosities
  • Units can advance in rank through training, gaining power along the way
  • Achieve victory through diverse means, such as combat, spell-casting and alliances
  • Forces can gain prestige, attracting wandering heroes to aid in campaigns

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  • I remember playing Warwind II.. One of the best games in 1996/1997.

    "Prime Minister, for the Empire.."

    • Any sequel coming out ? Have you ever tried Metal Fatigue ?