Raw Honey for a Reasonable Price

Where do people get their raw honey here? Want good honest raw honey. We consume over a kg a month on things like bread, oats etc. and we can’t get access to our regular supplier on the South Coast.

Recommendations would be great!


  • Illawarra beekeepers or Helensburgh honey on facebook who post out

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    Where is "…the South Coast…"?

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    I get my honey from bees, cut out the middlemen. Not often tho due to the stings

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    Isn't Raw Honey just the normal cold extracted honey that you buy in large tubs?

    Don't large green grocers sell them in 3kg tubs where you are?

    I bought my last few kgs from the school honey drive- Peninsula Honey $16.50 per kilo. Use to be around $10/kg.

    here you go: https://www.clayridge.com.au/product/bucket-3kg/ free delivery too

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    there is a guy on FB who was doing 20-25kg buckets for a ridiculously cheap price - worked out a few dollars per kg. Hawkesbaury area of Sydney

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Went with providore this time! May try a few of them over the next few months!