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Free Dog Food Sample Delivered @ Buggy Bix


For the dogs that enjoyed last weeks insect protein dog food sample, here's another company making similar treats for the good boys and girls.

Buggy Bix are 100% Australian, made from all natural ingredients and are a sustainable insect based alternative to existing pet treats.

Both mealworm and black soldier fly are packed with nutrients which are beneficial for dogs. High in protein they contain all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper and magnesium.

Mealworms and black soldier fly protein sources are great alternatives for pets with allergies to beef, lamb or pork. They also contain a number of fatty acids which are beneficial for intestinal health.

The sample sent is a 25g bag of either the Mealworm or Black Soldier Fly varieties.

My dog demolished her treatos in seconds.

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Buggy Bix


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    Thanks everyone for your interest! We have been inundated with over 500 requests in the past hour so there will likely be delays in fulfilling everyone's requests.

    • Are you still taking requests? Website doesn't seem to work for me.

      • @Geoff-bargain, confirming that we have turned off the free sample option for now.

        • I didn't get a sample, however in the spirit of you not just saying you won't be able to honor the sample requests for everyone else, I just placed an order. I'll be interested to see how long it takes my staffy to devour a deer antler.

          • @qinau: Thanks @qinau most appreciated! We will bundle your sample in with your order.

  • Do you grow the insects yourselves?

    • @Levity, we purchase all of our insect supplies from Australian growers

  • "So there will likely be delays in fulfilling everyone's requests."
    "Dog"samples are the new "tea" samples of ozb yesteryear- aka market harvesting without having to deliver. I'll immediately retract it if either samples arrive within a 5 year time frame (still got two days left).

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      @Travelbug thanks for your comment. It would appear we have been 'Ozbargained' again.

      As we did not initiate the post this will take time to fulfil as we only hold a limited quantity of samples. Please note have also turned off the 'free sample' option for the short term so we can meet the requests.

    • They're a good company; I did this deal a year ago and got a little packet with a note. Dog enjoyed the treats - I'd recommend buying some.

  • This is absolutely awesome. Given how bad meat (particularly red meat) is for water usage/the environment, this is an extremely sustainable alternative.

    If you have a pet, please please make this switch permanent.

    • Thanks for your kind words @ycon!

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    Hi everyone, thanks again for the overwhelming interest in our products!

    Given we did not post this link and have received over 1000 free sample requests, the team has made the decision to honour the requests on a first come first served basis limited to our current sample stock levels.

    As a gesture of goodwill to those who missed out, we have created a discount code "OZBIX" which gives 20% off all products storewide for the next 24hrs (limit one per user).

    Team Buggy Bix