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[PS5, PS4] Double Discount Deals (PS Plus Required) @ PSN Store AU


Lot of great deals at PS Store at the moment. PS Plus required.

Some examples -

Horizon Zero Dawn - $12.47
Red Dead Redemption II Ultimate - $41.97
Assassin's Creed Valhalla - $55.97
Watch Dogs Legion - $39.97
Gran Turismo Sport Spec II - $19.97

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  • To clarify it's the Grand Turismo Sport Spec II. Not Grand Turismo Sport.

    • Cheers, fixed!

      • To clarify it's Red Dead Redemption II Ultimate Edition not Read Dead Redemption II Ultimate Edition.


        • Looks like it is still Read Dead Redemption II Ultimate Edition 2 hours after it's posted.

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            @netsurfer: Sorry it's Friday and I was already drunk. The last thing on my mind was getting the spellings right at Ozbargain. I'll fix it now :)

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      Or, to be even more accurate… Gran Turismo Sport Spec II.

  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla - $55.97
    Watch Dogs Legion - $39.97

    In case you prefer physical (or not tied down to PS5 digital console …) through Amazon

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla $38 (both PS4/PS5)
    Watch Dogs Legion is $30/$34 (PS4/PS5)

    Horizon Hero Dawn has been $10-$12 on sale in physical format

    • For me, digital sale works best for me as I have a friend back in India whom I usually play with. So whenever there is a digital sale, price is usually lower there and we just share the game between each other so we pay even half of the sale price! For example RDR2 Ultimate Edition is currently selling for A$30 in India on PS Store and we use Game sharing feature to play each other games.

      • That's a completely perfectly good enough reason in that instance.

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      Watch Dogs Legion Ultimate Edition (includes season pass) is $34 at EB.

    • Ohhh is Valhalla worth the grab for $38? Been eyeing it off for a bit now.

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    PS5 digital owners cheering for their biannual sale.

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      Digital sales every week.

  • Train Sim World 2 Glasgow looks nice.

  • Zero Dawn is great on PS5. Definitely worth picking up for fifteen bucks.