PS3 Aftermarket Controllers

Can anyone recommend some ps3 controllers that are as good as the Sony ones? I used cheap ones in the past and they would give me blisters where the seam is or just be horrible to use as far as the buttons are concerned.


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    Better off getting second hand genuine ones

  • The Rock Candy wireless ones are pretty good quality, not sure if you can still get them at EB Games tho

    • Can anyone confirm these are ok?

  • They're all pretty terrible. I haven't been able to find any decent third-party controllers and my Sony controllers are FUBAR. Can't play the PS3 anymore… Good luck on your search

  • Don't buy any brand new in box ones, they're all fake af.
    The Eb Games branded ones function pretty well, a lot of people I know use them happily, and they work in games like MGS HD.
    Personally, I'd go with buying an old, used one. And if the battery is weak, buy one for $3-4 on ebay and it's easy to swap.

    • Yeah sony hasnt made any in ages.

    • I have like 6 but they all have problems because me and my mate play the shit out of co-op games like RE5 and Ratchet and Clank A41. Maybe I’ll have to sit down and try to fix them all

  • Is connecting a PS4 controller the same?

    • Nope. PS button doesn't work, and it's not 100% compatible with all games. No pressure-sensitive buttons either.

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    You can connect a DS4 controller to a PS3, which works with most games, however it acts as a generic controller, so some functions won't work (rumble, Sixasis Motion).

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    FYI for those that haven't used their genuine ones in a while and can't seem to turn them on charge them. There's a button on the back to reset it. Did the trcik for my controller which I thought was dead.