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Scanpan Pro IQ Non-Stick Frypans (20cm $103.20 / $100.62 eBay Plus Express Delivered) @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Really good non-stick pans which last quite long (when cared for correctly).
This isn't the cheapest they've been, but the first time they've all been on sale at the same time.
All express shipped.

Don't forget cashback site of choice plus giftcards.

Pan Size Price 20% Off 22% Off Current Price on Amazon Camelcamelcamel Link
Scanpan Pro IQ Frypan 20cm $129 $103.20 $100.62 $126 $111.60 in July 2021
Scanpan Pro IQ Frypan 24cm $145 $116.00 $113.10 $152.31 $76.20 in April 2021
Scanpan Pro IQ Frypan 26cm $152 $121.60 $118.56 $141.52 $108.70 in May 2021
Scanpan Pro IQ Frypan 28cm $162 $129.60 $126.36 Not on Amazon -
Scanpan Pro IQ Frypan 32cm $185 $148.00 $144.30 $184.79 $184.80 now. No historic data.
2-pack (24cm + 28cm) $269 $215.20 $209.82 $269 $266.00 in June 2021

In before "my non-stick pan is peeling", there's a good review with some care instructions for non-stick pans. (tl;dr don't overheat your non-stick pan)

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  • Is this the same one from pubg?

    • No that one is cast iron.

      • The person doesn't have pro iq to know the difference.

  • I have the ScanPan Pro IQ Wok. It works very well as a non stick wok. It is quite heavy.

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    I don't care what anyone says, all non stick pans degrade over time and quite quickly lose their non stickiness. I've spent a fortune ($1000's) on non stick plans over the years, including importing some of the best from Germany, and what works best is this:

    Every one to two years (depending on how much you cook) set yourself a reminder for one of the annual sales - eg boxing day - and pick up a $50 dollar non-stick pan of reasonable repute such as Tefal. The main thing to look for is a heavy base to distribute heat evenly.

    A new $50 non stick pan from your average brand (normally ~$100) will cook and clean better than a one to two year old top shelf pan costing up to 6 times as much.

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      I agree, after a while, they aren’t as “non sticky” but my last non stick pan lasted ten years. It was still “functional” but I wanted to try something new. I will get back to you in 12 months on the status of my current one. I prefer to not dump a bunch of things into landfill.

  • Buy dorsche so much better and cheaper

  • Don't get this.

    Scanpan claims to have a great warranty however my non-stick surface failed to work after a year.

    Their communication during the warranty claim was terrible and they ended up not replacing or refunding the item.

    I ended up buying an Aus-ion pan which is built for life.
    It may not have quite the same non-stick surface and you do have to season it, however, the Scanpan surface is not built to last.