Getting a Part-Time Job

Hi guys,

Basically I needed more money so I went to a freelancer website and found that this startup company in Melbourne is hiring and today I got an offer for the part-time job position (remote working).

Since this is my first part time job (I currently have a full time job), just wondering what should I watch out (i.e not scammed) and how should I do the tax income (is there away to reduce the tax)?

Thank you so much in advance


  • Use Escrow

    • i will check it out thank you!

      • I was assuming you are doing programming stuff freelance

        • yes, spot on:)

          • @Chicky: It might be worth looking at the ATO website I will admit I don't know if you have to pay your own super

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    Make sure you aren't a money mule

    • oh thank you! will look into this

  • Does it involve any trips to Bali?

  • is there away to reduce the tax

    Don't think so… unless you are not on the real payroll.

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    Please note that part-time job and contracting are different.

    If you are offered a part-time job, you will get pay slip and paid with proper payroll that will be lodged with STP. This means they must provide you an offer letter that states the salary and etc. If you get this, you are quite safe, also check their ABN against ASIC database.

    If you are offered a contracting job, you must have ABN and be able to invoice them. It will be best provide them a quotation of your rate and get them to sign and accept the quote and return to you. If it is an hourly rate, make sure you bill and get them to make payment every week. If it is a project based payment in a lump sum, make sure you collect 30% before start of job, and set a milestone of the deliverables and also payment upon the deliverables.

    If you have ABN, expenses used to generate income are tax deductible, provided you follow ATO's guideline.

    If possible, get them to pay you directly without going through the freelancer website, or else you will loss 10-25% fee then another 15-26% income tax depending on your total bracket (full time job + part time job income)

    • thank you so much for this, i really appreciate it! i found out that its a contracting job, so i will ask for a weekly pay instead

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    Ask to get paid in BTC or ETH. You won't regret it.