Need a Compact (170mm Long) Video Card

Hi guys, I need some help.

My GTX 960 died today. It is 170mm long and just fits my case (Mini ITX) so I need a replacement ASAP as this is also presently my work PC. Full height is fine, just needs to be 170mm or less in length.

What's the best bang for buck upgrade card in a $500 budget?

Nvidia or AMD, both are fine. I'm not a gamer but this PC will be going to my daughter next year so I'd rather have it somewhat future proofed so a notable upgrade over the GTX 960 would be nice.


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    It looks like the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 is my best option on Nvidia's side. I am not familar with the AMD line up though.

    Happy to be corrected though.

    I could up my budget if absolutely necessary

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    Probably another 960 at this point in time. Everything new is pretty ridic.

    • Yeah its brutal isnt it. There are 1030's but that's a step back from a card I bought in 2015, yikes. Maybe I just get one of those until something better drops in price

      I'd get a 730 but dont think they could run my ultrawide lol…

  • Would a 1050 ti be suitable?

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    I've got an EVGA 1060 3Gb in my mini ITX case

    Goes fine

    It's 173mm (according to the website)

    Like these (the single fan versions)

    • Thanks, one of those would be ideal. I've found a local store with various stock, I'm going to call them to confirm.

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    Newegg has search for under 170mm cards (if that link doesnt work). then search on

    • Thats awesome thanks I never knew about that search feature. So it's confirmed the cards I already found, at least I was on the right track.

      BTW I can stretch to a smidgeon over 180mm I was just being conservative. 180mm opens the door to some more powerful options I see.

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    Your 960 is 172.72mm ?

    1060 (single fan) above is the same length.

    • Correct. And I checked it again, I actually have about 180mm of space so that gets a few more cards in comfortably.