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Davek Elite Umbrella with Bonus Davek Solo $215 Delivered @ Davek New York


Usual cost for Davek Elite Umbrella $215
Usual cost for Davek Solo $149

Get them both in this limited time deal for $215

Umbrella's come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee


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Davek New York


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    Are these worth it?

    • I think so, they are a quality product with an unconditional lifetime guarantee - if it breaks they will fix/replace it for free with your only out of pocket expense being postage.

      They do a better job in high wind than a cheap disposable umbrella, buy once and buy right.

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      We went through 4. We didn’t treat it poorly either. You tend not to after the first one breaks.

      Are they nice? Yep. Durable or built well? Not at all.

      Their return policy was good(ish), had to pay for returns, but they break so easily.

      Buy a Blunt umbrella and be done with it

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    Appropriate username

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      Sure, at this price I purchased again, I think the deal is that good I even posted it on OzBargain.

      I'll keep the Davek Elite (I've had my eye on one of those for a while now anyway) and the Davek Solo will be an Xmas gift to a good friend of mine.

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    Or just buy a $5 umbrella, and if you have to replace it 20 times in your life, you still come out ahead.

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      And every time it fails you, you get wet, embarrassed and inconvenienced until you get a new umbrella. Don't forget if you're carrying a phone or laptop that'll get wet.

      I've purchased two hardcore umbrellas because I was sick of the inconvenience and wastage. I want my umbrella to do it's job when I need it, not get ripped apart and spend the day cold. A day's lost wages is probably less than an umbrella imho.

    • A good suit, nice shoes and a crappy $5 umbrella - very stylish :-)

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        A ruined suit/dress and wet phone to save money on an umbrella.

      • Happen to drive a bimmer too? ;)

        • Why is that street cred?

        • must save money for the umbrella by not topping up the blinker fluid.

    • Plus, the lifetime guarantee doesn't cover getting lost, left behind, …

      Ikea had umbrellas for [email protected] a few years back. I bought a dozen. They're strong and on the occasions I've left one behind on a ferry or a train i haven't been stressed worrying that i left a $200 umbrella behind.

      • But Davek will give you 50% off a new purchase if you do lose your umbrella, not sure how many other companies do that?

  • Just a note, go read some reviews on Davek, their customer service is non-existent - so if you need a replacement… good luck.

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      Not in my experience, I broke a rib on my umbrella and the service I got from the Australian distributor when I send it in for replacement was exactly how it should be.

      • Did you have to pay for shipping and handling, and wait for 2-4 weeks? Apparently you do according to their website.

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          Yes, paid for postage (no cost to you other than postage) and the replacement arrived after about 1 1/2 weeks (I'm Qld based).

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        Glad to hear you got good service in Australia from them!

        I'm currently running a Hedgehog and Doppler, so no need for another umbrella… yet.

        • Nice. You clearly appreciate a good umbrella over a $5 throw-away as well.

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    Are they waterproof?

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      I’ll never know, because I’d never pay $215 for an umbrella.

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    These sound great. Guaranteed I would leave it on a train or in a bar a week after i got it.

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      They actually thought of that, the umbrella comes with a code so if you lose your umbrella you can purchase a new one for 50% off the normal replacement cost.

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        Can I have your code so I can buy it for half price?

        • Just use the link I've posted, you can get 2 umbrella's for the price of one so when you lose the first one you'll still have a spare.

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      Or some scumbag will steal it from the umbrella stand at a restaurant

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        If i had a $200 umbrella, I'd also spend the few $$$ extra to buy a bike lock to protect against this!

  • How do these compare to a classic Woodworm golf umbrella? :)

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    Kmart is best.

  • When it rains it poors

  • So reading the "Lifetime Guarantee", if you need to get it repaired or get a replacement you have to pay $15.00 for shipping and handling?? And it would take 2-4 week for a replacement unit? I would be drenched in rain for 2-4 weeks if it continuously rains.

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      If it rains continuously for 2-4 weeks I suggest you buy a boat instead.

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    Is this supposed to be $2.15?

    • Sure, $2.15

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        That’s much better!

        The original one was a prank right?

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          Davek only sell the $2.15 one's to the special people like you.

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    Did not know that there are luxury umbrella brands.

    Did not also know that I would learn about them on ozbargain of all places

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    This reminds me of those 200 dollar kitchen bins

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      Why? You would look silly wearing a bin on your head to keep the rain off.

  • No way I will pay $215 for 2 umbrellas.

    • I agree they aren't for everybody as some people are just fine rocking a $5 K-Mart throw-away, personally I'm not.

  • mary poppins

  • +3

    Fan boy much.

    • Sure, you don't know what you don't know.

      If you've never owned a high end umbrella you probably don't know the benefits over a cheap throw-away umbrella, my apologies if I get a little enthusiastic trying to impart this to the $5 K-Mart crew.

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        40 of the $5 K-Mart umbrellas would still be cheaper than this

        • +1

          A Woolies shopping bag pulled over your head is even cheaper than a $5 K-Mart brolly, sometimes it's also about the look you give rather than the cost. If you're fine with the cheapest looking things you can buy at the cheapest price more power to you ;-)

          • +1

            @shutuptakemymoney101: The last thing I care about is “the look” for something that I want to use as little as possible.

            Umbrellas are a cheap piece of material, clinging onto a pole. They keep the rain off of you, they are not a fashion statement.

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            about the look you give

            I also appreciate a quality umbrella, but this is ridiculous.

            I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but when you're walking down the street in the rain, there are ZERO people who are looking at your umbrella, and rating your look. Nobody else in the rain can even tell the difference between your Davek or your KMart umbrellas, they don't contribute to "your look" in any way whatsoever.

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    OMG sooo offense-is-best-defence, it's embarrassing for you.
    If this is the typical attitude of of Davek owners, colour me drenched…

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      Play the ball, not the man. Respond with an argument instead of a silly reply like you did.

      • +1

        The fact that this is on a ‘bargain’ page, and has run for this long with only 6 pluses, says it all.

        It’s not a bargain, it’s an RRP umbrella, with a heavily inflated second umbrella free.

        If you lose your overly expensive fashion piece, the manufacturer will sell you another overly expensive umbrella for half the price (who wouldn’t)

        Again this is not a bargain

    • Whaa? Not really sure what you're on about Falseprofit.

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    I thought posters needed to mark they were associated with the deal being advertised?

  • You know, for such expensive umbrellas, you'd think their official website would have several high quality photos and close ups of what you're getting. This one only has a shitty cropped image.

    • It's a good thing then that they offer a 30 day peace of mind warranty, if you are not fully happy with your purchase, feel free to return it within 30 days for a refund, no questions asked.

      Can't be fairer than that?


      • That's not the point I'm trying to make. The point is… try harder. It's an unusually expensive product, at least put some effort into selling it.

    • And the different colours are just the same image with photoshopped colours… classy AF.

    • -1

      You didn't look very hard at the website did you, did you miss the video?


      • Again, not the point. The item product page should show lots of pictures. This video is on a different section. Lots of pictures on the same page. That's how it should be. You're so desperately trying to defend this company now makes you look like a fool. Double downing on your opinion.

        Its not hard to admit that having more pictures on the same page as the product buying page is beneficial for the company. But instead you're butt hurt and now acting the fool.

        • You don't like the website that's fine, the website is perfectly functional for me however, I was able to make an informed purchase using it. I guess the real butt hurt comes from when you can't accept other peoples views and instead post childish insults.

          • @shutuptakemymoney101: I find it very amusing how you just cannot admit that I'm right about the product page not having enough pictures. I don't care about the price of it because quality products have their place, but honestly… Just admit the product page can do with more pictures instead of doubling down. Really really confused about your defence of that fact

            • @shiny1: Website has enough pictures for me, I find the website perfectly functional, I also find it very amusing how you cannot seem to accept this.

  • +1

    For somebody who wants these umbrellas this would be considered a good deal. If someone is so interested in these umbrellas as to click on the posting they aren’t going to be interested in a $5 Kmart umbrella that’s will turn inside out the first time a puff of wind blows across it.

    People can look at the umbrella and look at the price and make up their own minds. I’m not sure what some of you people think you are contributing to this?

    BTW if anyone else is considering buying one of their umbrellas they see, to be having free postage, at the moment, on the rest of their range.

    • +1

      Apparently what I'm learning from this thread is that Kmart product ownership is antithetical to Davek product ownership… What's the hangup there guys?

      • I guess it is FalseProfit if you desire a quality product over a 'cheap' product.

        • +1

          What is 'cheap'? How does it differ from cheap? Is there a 'quality'?

      • +2

        No it is that these products aren’t equivalents. I’m sure someone who has clicked on this deal isn’t reading through the comments going “oh, I’d forgotten Kmart does a cheap umbrella”. Personally I don’t own a high end umbrella, certainly not one of these, but I do own a few middle range ones. Just about every cheap umbrella I’ve ever owned didn’t last very long and I, object, to dumping rubbish into landfill. As I said, feedback from other owners is valuable false “equivalence” statements from people who’ve never owned one isn’t.

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    Wanted a nice umbrella thanks OP

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    my biggest fear is leaving it outiside the restaurant in the bucket mixing with other peoples umbrella and other people. took them home :P

    • +1

      I own a hedgehog ($150 aud) and I'll be damned if I'm letting it out of my sight. Mine comes with a cover that I can pull over it to keep the water from dripping anyway.

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    I just love how the OP is committed to his/her post and replies to a large number of messages.

    I think whether this is a deal or not comes down to personal taste, care for the environment etc. buying a $5 umbrella each time it breaks is so shitty for the environment, and buying one makes them produce more of these. I personally, would love to get these Davek umbrellas but my wife would whip my ass I'd she knew the cost of these. haha

    • +3

      There are more affordable options, I bought my sister a $70 doppler which (so far) has been pretty amazing. 5 year warranty works out to be $14 a year.
      Honestly the convenience of knowing your umbrella will do its (profanity) job and not let you down is amazing.

      Many people love the affordably tanky Bunnings umbrella though.

      • +1

        The Doppler sounds like the sort of thing I would call “equivalence”.

      • Yup, I've got the Bunnings one

    • It's giving me a few chuckles watching some notables on here get all bent out of shape.

      • I think you work for Davek.

        Whoever they are!