Looking for Basketball Wall Mount Backboard Rim/Net

I’m looking for a wall mounted basketball backboard.
I don’t want one of those free standing ones.

I found this one, but I wasn’t sure about the website. I’ve never heard of it. I just liked the price.
I’m looking at something around this price including delivery to Sydney.



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    Just fyi they are a pain to mount and you have to get it right or they fall off (and kill someone).

    Initially I tried and ended up giving it away and just getting the mobile one.

  • I'm in the market for a wall mounted basketball ring as well.

    I was considering getting a MegaSlam: Pro Gym 60. It might be the best around, the price reflects that (~ $1800). I've played on an in ground one and they are awesome, very sturdy and have spring loaded rings for dunking. However, it seems quite heavy. The installation instructions are quite detailed. Backboard size of the Pro Gym 60 is approx 152x91cm.

    I'm planning on mounting it to a wall of my house, brick veneer.

    The always direct unit you have referenced is smaller (backboard is 136x81cm) but at that price ($258) it's so much cheaper I think I will get it. It has good reviews, not sure how legit they are.

    There is also this one that is $759: https://www.mydeal.com.au/height-adjustable-wall-mount-tempe...

  • Yeah I mean I was wanting this one


    but $1800 … ouch

    I know it’s perfect size and materials would be better, but i’m not a professional player so I probably don’t need the best one.

    I’m also worried about that website.. if you do buy, let me know if you receive it.. you can be the guinea pig.

    • +1

      I bought it…. will let you know how it goes!

    • OK so it arrived very quickly, like 3 business days. Had a ding in it on arrival which is not cool.

      Overall the metal is pretty thin, the instructions were somewhat confusing, and it looks like it will rust as the adjustment cylinder is open at the top to the elements.

      The ring itself is spring loaded but doesn't appear to be perfectly square which is a shame.

      I asked around and apparently mounting to brick veneer is not a good idea, but I went ahead anyway. I will make sure to tighten the bolts from time to time and never dunk/hang on the rim.

      Overall I'm very happy with what it is for the price. Time will tell how weatherproof it is.

      Here's a few picks of the arrived parts and it all assembled: https://imgur.com/a/YMEF9kS

      • Thanks for the update. Really super helpful. Appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me out. I will probably buy this one then.