Liquorland Advertised Deal but Not Available Vic

I received an email this morning from Liquorland advertising this (what I thought was a decent deal) “ending Sunday” only to discover “not available Vic”.

Does this warrant a price match at Dan Murphy’s or should Liquorland give me a rain check?

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    I saw the latest migration figures. Approx Net Zero migration from outside of Australia, but a mass exodus of the Mexicans from Victoria to QLD. Maybe it is because of the Liquorland Exclusions, or maybe they like the NRL rather than Aussie Rules!

    • The NRL? Honestly? Besides they don’t need to give up the AFL to go to Queensland; the AFL has, multiple, teams in just about every State and, I think, they are eyeing off a team in Tassie as well. The NRL couldn’t even get multiple, proper, teams in Victoria and Victorians, literally, attend the opening of a “sporting” envelope.

      Victorian winters can be a tad brutal but Queensland is humid and has cockroaches that will wrestle your thong off you and fight back. The reality is it will be a few years before we know how the dust will settle.

      • NRL? - I am kidding. Don't take yourself so seriously!

        • So am I. Hence my comments on Qld.

    • Also KFC Hot'n'Spicy may be another factor for some to leave.

    • wut

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    The lines are Coles liquor exclusive, so a Dans price match won't work. As for a decent deal, possibly.

    Counting sheep is 6 for $36, Cradle Bay and Lana's bike are $6.65 a bottle at First Choice currently. So 12 bottles for $76.

    Unless you must have the Rapaura which is which is $11.40.