expired $59.95 SanDisk Extreme 16GB Compact Flash 60MB/s


For those wanting bulk photograph storage this looks like a good price…

I've seen these 'Fishpond Daily Deals' before and they usually sell out within a couple of hours so if you're interested I'd jump on it!

Free post is always a sweetner…

Specifications from Fishpond -

Write performance: Up to 60MB/sec (400x)

Read performance: Up to 60MB/sec
Capacities: 8GB, 16GB
UDMA: UDMA-5 enabled (works in all UDMA modes)

Power Core Controller & Was invented by SanDisk to increase the card’s
Enhanced Super-Parallel performance level.
rocessing Technology (ESP):

Temperature: Tested to perform from -25°C to 85°C (-13°F to 185°F)
Specification: Meets CFA Specification
Type I Card

Durability: Tested for shock. RTV silicone coating for added protection against moisture and humidity

Warranty: Backed by rigorous stress-testing procedures and our limited lifetime warranty.

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    is it class 4 or class 10?


      Are compact flash cards even rated in classes? They do mention the speed in the listing tho!

    • +1 vote

      Got this paragraph from an online article -

      "In the case of Compact Flash (CF), a rating such as 300X or 400X is often used. The formula to figure out the transfer speed in MB/s is R = K * 150. So a 300X = up to 45MB/s and 400X = up to 60MB/s. Some manufacturers are now rating their cards in MB/s. The SanDisk Extreme CF card we tested had "60MB/s" on the label."

      Any use???

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      Class rating is only SD cards.

      as far as the rated performance, we use a few of this cards for our videography business on 5D mk2.

      full HD clips, no problems.


    As long as this is a genuine Sandisk product, this price is too good to give up

    One per transaction.. or something like that
    There is a 29cents processing fee if paid by Paypal… meh..
    Arrives 4-7 Days - Free shipping
    Arrives in 2-5 days - Upgrade for only $0.99

    Total price: $60.26 (Paid by Paypal slow shippping (4-7days)

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    Good price if the card is genuine.


    Out of topic but anyone knows where I can get the cheapest 8GB version of this? I prefer carrying smaller cards.


      You obviously don't shoot in RAW or have a large MP camera. LoL.


        Nikon D800 full RAW file size is 74 Mb per photo.


        As a wedding photographer, its better to shoot with more memory cards and to keep them tucked away safely once they're full rather than having just one or two cards for the day. I find that the 8GB allows me to shoot a decent amount of photos (around 300) before I change my cards.

        And to answer your question yes, I do shoot raw and raw only. And yes, my D700's only have 12 megapixels, but they're enough for most professional photographers :)

        Anyway, I did end up buying two of the 16GB, can't say no to a bargain ;)

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          Agree with using smaller cards incase it malfunctions thus minimising the amount of photos lost, but as u already said.. $60 is a pretty sweet deal


          I've got 6 32GBs for weddings/events. The only issue with small cards is you need to keep taking note of your capacity whilst shooting and possibly losing the shot should the card become full at the wrong time. Obviously the 5D2s have double the MP. Even my 7D chews through the cards! Have 5d3 on preorder now! Can't wait!

          Well some pple say don't put all your eggs in a basket. I've shot weddings/events in Bangkok, Singapore, Italy, etc and filled them up without any issues. Maybe if i get bitten… if ever… i'll feel the burn. As for now. I'm happy with my 32GBs.


    Looks like Fishpond have ended the cheap deal. The price has gone back up to $200….

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