Carpet Head for Dreame V11

I purchased the Dreame V11 in the gearbite after pay deal a few weeks ago, and saw a few people ask about the carpet head. It appeared that the seller had some, but low in stock and they were gone.
I messaged gearbite through a messenger chat, and in the broken English it appears they do not have any stock, nor will they be receiving any.
I'd like to know if anyone has found an online store which stocks the carpet head. It needs to be the 'new pin' not 'old pin' or something like that.
I don't mind at all if I have to pay full RRP for the carpet head. I just want to get one.
Any help at all will be extremely appreciated.
Thank you!


  • They even said they were coming in March!

  • Is it funny that a google search on 'dreame v11 new pin carpet head' brings me here? :/

    • Haha shit. I was really hoping when I got your notification that it was an option on where to buy it!!
      Have you had any luck?

      • Nope - Will be forced to by another stick vacuum with carpet capability soon. Never would have bought it if I knew the carpet head was never coming. :(

        • Neither. Is it really never coming? It's still very capable. But why there's no carpet head option I'll never know!

  • There appears to be a few options on Aliexpress. This link suggests that there are 3 different heads for V11 & V12 machines.

    • Hey, thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, they don't appear to be the carpet head.

      • Yep, now that I look again, I agree. not carpet head. Sorry for the misdirection.

        • No worries man. If you do happen to find something, please update me!