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EPOS Gaming H3 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset Onyx Black $99 (RRP $179) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


EPOS Gaming H3 Multi-platform Gaming Headset Onyx Black

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  • Thinking to get the Cooler Master MH751. How is this compared ?

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      hey, i know there are a lot great reviews for the MH751 but from personal experience, I was pretty disappointed with the headset. MIght not be the same for you but my ears get warm from the pleather earcuffs and comfort is okay, not amazing as others rave about.
      The absolute worst thing about this headset - which no one mentioned before I bought it - is that there is no sidetone. That means you can't hear yourself whenever you speak into the microphone and cus of the noise-cancelling of the headphones, more often than I end up yelling in the mic without knowing. Just telling you the things I wish I was told before i bought this. Regretful purchase as i should've bought the Arctis 3

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