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Hi Ozbargainers,

Need some advice.

I ordered first time from Uber Eats. It was a horrible experience. The driver did not deliver the food. When I called him, he answered after 4 calls. He said that he tried to contact me through app. I asked him to deliver my food as I have paid for. He said he has left my suburb and can do whatever he wants with the food as i did not collect. I told him, I was standing downstairs before he arrived and I was tracking through website. He stopped 1 km away from my residence.

I had to go to restaurant and order again. Restaurant manager called the driver and told him that he should have left the food at customer doorstep or returned it back at restaurant as per Uber policy.

Uber driver told him he is doing uber deliveries for 2 years. Not to teach him, he will get away without any trouble.

After numberous emails, I got Uber to refunded my money. But this bill is still outstanding in my account and app is asking me to pay it first otherwise I can not place any other orders.

Has anyone facing this problem? Is there a way it can be resolved? Ubereats has stopped responding to my emails.

Ozbargainers are experts. right?

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    TLTR, “UberEats driver got hungry and ate my food.”.

    • Happy Meal® could have been for driver's kid

    • Haha. I tried to make it precise. Actual event was much longer.

    • Hiliarious. Good title for this post. Haha.

  • Whatever you ordered must've smelt too good to resist! 😆

    • Good one. :)

  • Yeah they obviously don't value your business as they stopped responding to you, so stop using the service ?

  • Buying from Ubereats and not the restaurant directly


    • Got it boss. As mentioned above : ordered first time. Reason : Had voucher to spend

  • What did you choose as your delivery option when ordering? Leave at door, meet at door or meet outside?
    What was the status of the order before you contacted Uber?
    What did Uber say in their responses for you to contact them numerous times before getting your refund?
    Did you contact Uber about the outstanding amount in your account through the app chat? What did they say?

    Seems like you left a lot of the useful info out.

    • Good questions :
      a) Meet at door
      b) Status of order delivery before I called Uber
      c) Standard response : Our delivery person arrived at drop off location and was not able to reach you.
      Actual scenario : I was tracking him online. He stopped 1 km away from destination. I was standing downstairs in front of my building 15 mins before he arrived
      d) Yes, Standard response : Our delivery person arrived at drop off location and was not able to reach you. I contact 5 times. After eveytime, standard response. After last message, they stopped responded

      Hopefully this is helpful

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    Trust the system Karen,

    Step 1. report you did not receive the food,

    Step 2. get credit and order again.

    Is not rocket science.

    No need to micromanage the situation.

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      You might want to look up defination of Karen.
      Thank you for Step 1 & 2.

      I am unable to order next order. So, thought about picking expert opinion from Ozbargainers. Thanks

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    Go pick it up yourself.?

    • Sure!! Good idea. I am in lga of concern in lockdown. could not travel to food joint. Next time. Thank you.

  • Never had a problem.

    Just search google for 'uber didnt deliver'.. They have an automated system that refunds you. It is instant.
    Gives you the money for what they didn't deliver or the whole lot if you didn't get the meal. If its wrong what they ordered they might ask for pictures of what was delivered.

    • Good to know you had no problems. If only it is so simple in my case. Point noted. I have to contact them 6 times over 7 business days. Before they refunded me. Still, in my profile says payment not received for your food order. Please pay before your next order. Thank you. Should I ignore it?

      • Is your card in the system? All food services I've used, you have to have your payment details stored on their system. So I'm mystified how that can happen.

        • I paid through PayPal.

  • Did the restaurant owner charge you when you went to the restaurant and ordered the food again?

    • Yes, full price. As he says the driver hasn't cancelled the delivery so he has to charge me full. Thank you

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        That's unfortunate. I had similar experience with doordash. My order arrived about an hour and a half, and when it finally arrived, it was somebody else's. I called the restaurant and took it back, then got my order. It seems the driver grabbed random item and delivered it as my order was delayed. The owner was apologetic and did not charge me again.

        I think you shouldn't have been charged when you went to the restaurant. Shame.

        • Hmmmm!! Thank you sharing a positive result end.