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[PC, Steam] Humble Fall VR Emporium Bundle ($1.34 / BTA $20.16 / Full $20.33) Until you fall, A Fisherman's Tale, Paper Beast


A nice VR bundle from Humble, heard good things about Until You Fall in particular


BTA (Currently $20.16, might as well go the full bundle)
A Fisherman's Tale
Paper Beast
Zero Caliber VR

$20.33 Full:
Arizona Sunshine
House Flipper VR
Until You Fall

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  • +4

    Seems like really good value, especially for everybody who just jumped in the oculus bandwagon who also own a PC.

    • Yep - $20 for a bunch of VR games

  • +2

    Until You Fall is great, very arcadey and replayable.

  • +1

    yup insta buy from me - Paper Beast, A Fisherman's Tale and Arizona Sunshine have been on my Steam want list for ages.. the other games are just gravy.

    • Yep worth it for Paper Beast and A Fisherman's Tale, alone.

      Very few good VR games go on sale for around $15 or less, so those two, plus Arizona Sunshine and Zero Caliber is a great deal.

  • +3

    Appreciate the Steam links to all the games in the bundle. Thanks Op.

  • Dang looks great but already have zero caliber, until you fall and arizona sunshine. Seems like not such good value if you take those out :(

    • +2

      Worth it if you don't own any games though?

      • +1


        • Already bought it haha

    • Paper Beast and A Fisherman's Tale are both completely unique mind-bending experiences, and feature in a lot of top 20 VR games lists.

      I don't think either has been discounted below $15 yet.

      So even those 2 alone may be worth it.

  • Do these also include oculus keys? From what I can tell, no

    • +2

      No, steam only

  • +2

    If anyone wants a fisherman's tale key, dm me.

    • Key is gone now.

  • +1

    Thank you. Bought it to play on my new Oculus Quest 2

    Excellent value!

  • +1

    I have an extra Zero Calliber key if anyone wants it. Just dm me

  • +3

    Have extra keys for Zero Caliber and Arizona Sunshine. DM me

    • It wont let me start a convo with you, but i was going to buy this combo just for arizona sunshine really.
      Can you dm me instead please! :)

    • Both are gone.

  • -1

    BTA $20.16 / Full $20.33 LOL what is the Logic in this pricing???
    Whoever is putting pricing on recent humble bundles needs to go back to school and learn basic numbers.

    • +7

      That's because most are buying the full bundle hence the high average price. That's the basic of "average".

      • Don't know why some peanut negged you.

        You're correct. If 99% are purchasing the full bundle, of course the average purchase price is going to be very close to the full bundle price.

        Have an upvote to offset said peanut.

      • +4

        No, there is no legit BTA average anymore. Every single bundle now starts slightly below the top tier from the second it goes live purely to get people to just go, F it might as well get them all.

        It's yet another obvious change more recently that everyone has noticed and have been criticising them for along with forcing a minimum allocation for themselves from each bundle that you cannot remove. From the second they bought HB they have been slowly squeezing everything they can from it and making constant changes that just see them getting more and charities getting less.

        The charity cut was dropped to 10% with 60% going to devs and 30% split between Humble and partners. Now they take 30%, with charities getting 5% and have announced that even charity dontations via sliders will be capped at 15% with their aforementioned cut for themselves being forced at a minimum of 15-30%.
        This pretend BTA that always starts $1-$2 below top tier is just their newest stunt.

        • Yep apparently they got bought by IGN and have been getting worse for years. I bought almost all of them in the early years, but I've bought maybe 2 in the last five.

  • +2

    Arizona Sunshine key up for grabs. PM me.

  • +1

    Zero Caliber VR key available, PM me.

    • This key has been taken.

  • Great deal!

  • Got an extra Zero Caliber VR key if anyone wants it. PM me

    • Key taken