Which of These Kogan TVs Is The Newest Model?

Can anyone tell me which of the below three is the newest model?

Wanting to get a TV in the bedroom as I have a $200 voucher to spend from Kogan.

Kogan support have not replied to my query.



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    Kogan support

    That's your first mistake OP.

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    If I were you I'd sell that gift card even at a loss and get a Tv from anywhere but Kogan. You can't really put a value on peace of mind knowing if your Tv has any issues at least you have somewhere to take it back to or a phone number to ring that you know would get picked up

    OP, do yourself a favour and don't buy rebadged cheap Junk. if you are on a budget get a TCL, Hisense, etc, etc.

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    And you think if something goes wrong they will be better at getting back to you……. WRONG.