Up to 88% Off: Andeane Flamingo Short Sleeve 100% Cotton Shirt Size XXS-4XL $15.20 + Delivery/$0 C&C @ Sportscraft & David Jones


Andeane Flamingo Short Sleeve Shirt
★★★★★★★★★★ 4.6 (10)
NOW $15.20 88 % OFF
100% Cotton

Also available at David Jones

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David Jones
David Jones


  • Lol love it!

  • +1

    The original price in DJ seems more realistic

  • During this locked down, I do need to wear any shirt.

  • love the shirt. shame about the postage. No sale. Sorry

      • +5

        Are you alright?

      • +4

        acting like someone asked for his opinion lmao

  • Now that's a dad outfit if i've ever seen one. Would switch to the white New Balance for the more formal occasions though.

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    Everyone must be running out of space in their wardrobe with all the massive clothing sales.

  • funny that David Jones sells is usually for that price. I don't trust sportscraft with such an extreme RRP

  • Love the shirt but I recently bought something similar at Target for $10…

    • I like saying, I bought a white shirt from Kmart which cost $5, and someone bought a white CK shirt for $50.

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    Also at the Iconic https://outlet.theiconic.com.au/andeane-short-sleeve-shirt-1...

    Also at OzSale but it’s an idiotic $25 so booooooo

    • I like it but it’s just strange to see the same shirt popping up on all websites. Must be the the bloody shelf holder they want to get rid of…

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    "Conversational flamingo jacquard",,,,wow! a talking shirt!!

  • I have ordered this at ICONIC Outlet because delivery is just $7.95. Working on film sets (acting) you cannot have enough clothes without obvious logos of brands.