Do You Care about High Refresh Rate Displays on Phones?

I use a high refresh rate display for my gaming PC. In fact, I'm onto my second one.
When I'm playing games on PC, I greatly appreciate a framerate higher than 60.

However, when it comes to phones, I am constantly confused and bemused by the hype and excitement surrounding high refresh rate displays in the tech media.

I don't play fast paced games on my phone. At most, I might play a puzzle game occasionally.
I have a phone with a 120hz display. One of the first things I did with this phone was compared 120hz vs 60hz in general usage, shrugged my shoulders at the insignificant benefit and then changed the phone back to 60hz for that little bit extra battery life (which is far more important to me).

What probably amuses me the most is everyone hyping up high refresh rate phones always mentions the smoothness of scrolling and I roll my eyes and think 'really, that's why it's important to you?'.

As a more general, not hyper-focussed on technology, audience, what importance do you put in the refresh rate of your phone?

Poll Options Mon, 01/11/2021 - 00:00

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    I want my phone to have a high refresh rate display
  • 64
    I don't care whether or not my phone has a high refresh rate display


  • No

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    Not required, but it's one of those things where once you've experienced it, it's hard to go back.

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    5G + 120 Hz are off on my S20 FE 5G always since I can notice the battery drains 30%-40% faster with both on.

  • I too have no idea what the craze for 120hz mobile device screens is about. I appreciate it makes scrolling smoother but to be the No.1 requested feature on new iPhones… Really?

  • It's nice to have. Currently I just switch between WQHD+ and 120hz since you can't have both.

  • +1

    Nice, but battery life is more important on a phone. Might be worth it on a tablet tho

    • Absolutely a must on a tablet if you use Pencil. Difference is quite amazing.

      Phone though? Eh I don't really care.

  • +2

    Battery life > 120hz display. Though I do have it on Adaptive refresh for my own usage.
    As many have said nice to have but not a deal breaker

  • Yes

  • i like the 120hz display on my phone. much smoother than 60hz

  • Definitely, it makes a HUGE difference to the feel and smoothness when scrolling through literally anything on your phone.

    it's one of those things that you only truly notice how much of a difference it is after you get used to the higher refresh rate for a few days and then and only then witch back to 60hz.

  • Battery life is more important imo

  • It's a feature I wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't necessarily pay more to have it; it's not too useful in everyday situations, so it's kinda just meh.

  • Just get a cheap phone and a decent tablet.

  • +1

    massive difference
    I need 120hz for candy crush

    why would u settle for less

    demand perfection

  • Comparing or 2 most used phones in our house: The A20 and the S21u. Ok we are both around 60 so the A20 is just having a sweet stress free display.