Recommend a Kitchen Knife Set? < $200 Budget

Hi everyone,

Can you recommend a good deal on a kitchen knife set for < $200.

I don't want comments about sharpening knives and whetstones etc. Well aware of all that.

I am looking to replace our current knife set, but hopefully not break the bank to do so. Cheers!


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    Buy individual knives, rather than a set

    I’ve only got a general knife, cleaver, and a bread knife

    • What would be the recommended, given I want those 3 but also an appropriate knife block to store them?

  • Info on current set?

    How many/what size knives required?


      Maxwell Williams (red)
      Cuisinart and Baccarat (black)

      Ideally 3-4 I think?
      bread, paring, and butcher's/meat/general

      • Something like this would be similar to the Williams set

        Swibo is good value

        Victorinox similar value.

        Suggest looking at racksinstead of blocks

        Personally find 20cm cooks knife, 30cm cooks knife, boning knife, 10cm paring knife and serrated blade cover most situations. Decently weighted cleaver if you have the use for it.

        Vic Basement has a decent clearance section. Free shipping and $20 sign up bonus, $30 off with afterpay.

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    Had these for 17 years now. 2 knives replaced last year under warranty. No questions.

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    Sets are a rip off to sell more knives.

    Have a careful think about all the things that you cook, and would like to cook, and what knives you would like to use while prepping.

    Chances are you only need a couple of paring knives for fruit and small veg prep, a larger knife for prepping more veggies, carving meats, and maybe a bread knife. I find the Victorinox serrated tomato knives are great bread knives though, but also great for cheese, tomatoes, etc, and they take up much less room, are much cheaper.

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      Second this. A lot of people do not use all the knives within a set. A decent sized Chef's knife, utility knife and a paring knife are the 3 main ones you will ever need. I also have a decent cleaver and a serrated knife.

      In saying that, decent value are Victorinox Fibrox series. Great value, good quality, decent entry level knives. A lot of my chef friends who went to hospitality schools and TAFEs like William Angliss or Holmesglen have used Victorinox Fibrox knives as their first set.

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    Frankly I don’t even use a paring knife.

    My go to’s are a large chef’s knife, a smaller chef’s knife, a bread knife, a pair of scissors, that separate for cleaning, and a sharpening rod. Most of the rest of my sets sit in the block unused. The smaller chef’s knife doubles as the paring knife.