iPad Restored but iCloud Issues and Set up

Wife's ipad has not been working for good part of a year, back in the day it got a apple logo going off and on.
This went on until battery went flat, back then tried many things but could not get it working.
Also laptop was bit dated and assumed i was not able to get current iTunes as lead to believe if i did a reset itunes picks up ipad.
After updating itunes and still getting nowhere i had another update on itunes.
I tried heaps of things and many options of button pressing on ipad and finally got something to show up on itunes there was no options of update just restore.
I selected restore thinking hoping that suerly wife has stuff backed up etc.
There was issue with first restore it was almost done but then laptop started doing something and ipad failed to restore.
Tried again and finally im back to setting up ipad.

In the process of setting up ipad i skip a few things to be done later as wife can adjust add etc to her choice.
But while going through process i not went any further it was asking for icloud details etc and it comes up with or says nothing in cloud back up?
Im pretty sure wife will have used and put stuff on icloud and im lead to believe that even doing a reset that if stuff is saved on icloud it's obviously not on ipad but must be somewhere else.

It says as nothing in icloud or i think not found it says set up ipad as new device or if i remember about getting cloud from pc?

Im not sure from this point what to do if she has been saving to icloud then where do i get this and how to i get it on ipad and what do i do with ipad as it's asking me to set up as new ipad or get icloud from pc?

I was reading that if icloud was not used in last 180 days under terms and conditions they can delete all if they want to but how do i know if this is case
Or how can i check?
Is it something to do with maybe when i restored it has newer ios than when it went funny?

Do i set up ipad as new and then do stuff from there to check icloud ideally it be great if most of her stuff is saved but not sure why im being told there was nothing while trying to set up which i have not went any further at this time.

Wife does have an older ipad in house which im sure will have icloud also but obviously this one we had issues with is much newer.


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    Take it to an Apple Store before you do anything else. Probably should have taken it there as soon as it misbehaved and iTunes wasn't working for you. You're in WA so don't have to worry about lockdown.

  • But that’s what iTunes is for to get it up and going when stuff like this happens as the iPad is out of the apple logo look and I can no progress to setting it up I’m just questioning the steps which I asked.
    I have done the so called hard work so far so not sure what apple would do to be honest.

    • You might do something that erases all your data if you haven't already. It is worth taking it to people that know what they're doing. Unless the data is worth less than the effort to make an appointment and visit the store. Apple has diagnostic tools with more features than regular people have access to and can take the drive and get the data off it if it isn't gone.

      • But doing the restore would have deleted the stuff from iPad and ain’t iCloud where your stuff is stored and when you have issues you can put it back on.

        • Yes your data is probably deleted but it could still be recovered from the drive. When data is deleted it isn't actually gone, just the sectors are allowed to be written over. So if you stop doing stuff with the iPad there will be less chance of your data being written over with new data and it may be able to be recovered. The more you use the iPad the more of the memory will be overwritten and unrecoverable. And if it is in iCloud, you may need help to get access to the account again, and get the iPad to accept it and restore from backup. Not saying the Apple Store will definitely be able to get your data back but it is the best chance, if it is at all possible.

  • I thought iCloud backs up your stuff and saves it somewhere when you have major issues.
    Having looked at many vids and pages to get the iPad out of logo loop with no luck some vids said you might not always get the option through iTunes to update or restore so I did restore.
    I assumed that somewhere apple or wherever iCloud stuff is stored it would be added or can be added going through process of set up after restore.
    But when I was doing this it said no iCloud found?
    And it says to continue and set up iPad as new device or upload or something from a pc which even that is confusing.

    • you've been given some good advice.. I'd take that advice.

  • It’s likely that the iCloud backup has been deleted after the long period of non-use.

    Simply set it up as a new device, then log in with her AppleID. It should prompt for it, otherwise you can enter it in settings > iCloud.

    You can then re-download any purchased apps, music etc.

    The iCloud backup contains setting, documents, photos and files, but these have likely been lost (if they existed). Any previous purchases, they are linked to the AppleID.

    If you ever need to reset again, Google “iPad recovery mode” as the button sequences are different for the various models.

    • Yes im thinking as it's sat about for a while apple maybe has deleted it all.
      But i find it crazy they do as it is after all a system to back up stuff.

      So your saying the important stuff like photos will be gone that probably was the main reason that's if she had them in icloud maybe they was in Google photos.
      To be honest i have no idea what she had and what she did with her device. She always seems to be out of memory etc.
      Even the time her one was not working she used daughters one which is full of photos, icloud and i think Google photos on that is full and she pretty much can't add new stuff or even update ipad with new ios.
      Maybe I need to look into that and pay for more storage.

      But regarding her ipad im already in the process of setting it up using her apple id etc.
      It was just when it ssid could not find icloud and then asks me to either set up as new device or get icloud from pc i never went any further.

      So if im reading your reply right set it up as new and i can forget abour what she has as lost?

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        Yes, with the iCloud account gone (presumably, if it is spring no backup points) then there is nothing else you can do. If it had been backed up up to a PC, you could connect and restore from that backup through iTunes.

        You can see what data is in her iCloud account by logging on to iCloud.com from any browser (using her Apple ID and password) this will show any photos, and iCloud Drive content. Under “Account Settings” , in the same webpage, you can view the amount of backup data used etc. of the free 5Gb.

        If she has other Apple devices, it’s possible that there is data and/or backups of them stored under the same AppleID, taking up space also.

        • I not even went on icloud yet to see if anything is there maybe i should, but i would need to do this on laptop obviously if there is then what should i do.
          Install icloud to laptop and i take transfer it somehow to ipad? And i take this can be done after i set up ipad as new?
          I check her account later on icloud to see what comes up, if nothing there then i can forget about her ipad having what she had before.

          She has an older ipad sitting somewhere but not sure what's going on with that.

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            @bwatt72: You don’t need to install anything on your PC, just go to iCloud.com in Your web browser and log in with her Apple ID credentials, and this will show you what is stored under her account. If there’s nothing there, then the only option you have is set up her ipad as a new device. As mentioned, any purchases made with that ID will be able to be re-downloaded, once her ID is logged into that device.

            • @Lee71: I just logged into her icloud account and it says about 800 pics and like 40 plus vids, and very few docs, downloads etc.
              I think from dates 2019 to 2020 that's sort of what it shows couple pics from 2019 and jan 2020.
              Not sure if there is anything from the rest of 2020 and 2021 but then her ipad might not have been used the past year.
              As i was viewing online on my mobile i did select upload but then it was taking me to files on my phone as if it maybe wanted me to save them.
              Do i never did so as dont want 100 pics and 40 vids upload to my phone which i think it would do if i carried on.
              So if she has them 800 pics and vids and odd docs etc.
              What's the plan of attack? I go on my laptop and then what upload them?
              Or do i do something else?
              Am i supposed to do as the set up on ipad asks get stuff from a pc. As im sure you said to set up ipad as new device and then i can get my stuff then?
              Will i not have issues if i set i pad as new device and then try and get her stuff in ipad then?
              I dont understand why it says to set up ipad as new device or to if i remember get the stuff from a pc.

              It's good i see her pics etc are there but at this stage i don't want to mess things up now and do wrong thing.

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                @bwatt72: Well, it’s good that her photos are still there!

                It’s probably worth logging on to iCloud.com from your PC, selecting all the photos and videos (click Select, then choose then all) then click the (…) at the top of the page, and DOWNLOAD. Then you at least have a backup of them.

                With the iPad, if you set it up as a new iPad, then enter her Apple ID, in the setup process. When it’s finished setting up go to settings > iCloud > photos and make sure iCloud photos is turned ON. You can then select to download and store photos on the device.

                It should then download the photo content back to the photos app on the iPad. Other files should be available in the files app, and any purchased apps can be re-downloaded from the App Store.

                • @Lee71: Ok will try this probably tomorrow by logging on to iCloud from the pc but I take this time downloading iCloud to windows rather than just doing it from online?

                  Regarding the iPad setting up I’m pretty sure the requests for entering her Apple ID was already asked for, my last part of this was if I remember was options to select set up iPad as new device and I’m sure other option was to get iCloud from pc.

                  Before I do anything I will do as you mentioned get the stuff on pc just incase first, I had a quick look a minute ago and as I never selected the option of set up iPad as new or get iCloud from pc.
                  The page which says apps and data and says restore iCloud back up or restore from pc, I’m sure when I did this prior that’s when I’m sure I selected restore iCloud from back up and it said no iCloud was found.
                  And as stated it give me two options set up iPad as new or get iCloud from pc.

                  So you reckon I save the stuff on pc and I’m ok to just set up as new iPad and do the rest on there once I’m set up.
                  Or should I not select the get iCloud from pc which I will have saved.
                  As long as when I set iPad as new that that once I do this then I can still get the iCloud on it after I do that.
                  Im assume that when I pad is out of set up mode it be the latest iOS as im sure when I did the restore through iTunes it was part of the process of updating.
                  Im sure when iPad is set up these undates will show if needs done or not I mean iOS.
                  Im just curious if iPad would need to have latest iOS prior to doing any iCloud stuff or does not matter.

                  Sorry for all the questions just making sure im doing all this right and then not start questioning myself etc.

                  • @bwatt72: So yes, when you did the restore through iTunes, it would have put the latest possible version on the iPad, so that’s already there.

                    Because there’s no iCloud backup, or old backup that was done to your PC through iTunes, just select “set up as new iPad”.

                    As you’ve already entered the AppleID details, once set up, or will complete the tasks that it can with that AppleID (which should include downloading the photos, as per the iCloud > photos setting in the previous post. This may take a little time (to download everything) so photos may initially look empty, but we’ll begin to populate as they download and store on the device.

                    Do you shouldn’t need to connect it to your PC or iTunes again, the downloading of the photos onto your PC through iCloud is just to have another backup, but you won’t need to use these to restore to the iPad. Going through the Set up as me iPad should automatically do that via wifi from the iCloud content that is connected to her AppleID.

                    • @Lee71: Thanks i try this tonight or later today when i have chance so i will back up to pc just incase.
                      And set up ipad as new device as you say.

                      And when i done setting up ipad im good to go as you have said to progress getting the stuff on the ipad from icloud through wifi.

                      I believe as i did a restore on the ipad that any apps and email set ups etc will all start from scratch again.
                      And it's only the photos etc i get from i cloud as im sure i only seen vids,pics don't think there was apps.
                      Apps is easy enough later we just download load them again, i dont even know or dont think she had paid ones so should be all good.

                      I try this today and finally she can start using it again. Dont know why we left it so long probably as gave up on it with trying many things last time.

                      • @bwatt72: Yes, once you’ve done all the other iCloud bits, you can log in to the App Store with her AppleID and then look at your purchase history, which will let you re-download the apps previously purchased (and free ones) back to the iPad.

                        Hope it all goes well!

  • Lol im stuck at this point, im already logged in, how do you select the all the files ie photos and vids

    It’s probably worth logging on to iCloud.com from your PC, selecting all the photos and videos (click Select, then choose then all) then click the (…) at the top of the page, and DOWNLOAD. Then you at least have a backup of them.

    • Of you’re on a PC, you should be able to simply do a drag selection as you scroll down through the photos. Or click the first photo, scroll to the bottom and hold SHIFT and click the last one. That should select them all.

      Then, with everything selected, just click the cloud icon ☁️ At the top right off the screen, and click download all.

      • Lol i tried the click with mouse and tried dragging over all photos but for some weird reason it would not go down. I did do a search online and tried the shift key as you mentioned lol learn something new every day.
        But you said to do photos and vids, vids seem to be under something different i think so will i have to do this twice.
        And I know im taking crap downloading these will not remove from icloud right.

  • Saying that looking at the info bottom of photos file it says 778 photod and 49 vids so they all most be in same file.
    This is really all I need to save to pc right or should i look for anything else while im at it.

  • Im downloading and it says icloud photos zip so thats all i do all photo and vids will probably be in that zip to open if i wish.
    I can now finish ipad set up and let the ipad do the work to get this stuff back on from icloud

  • After zip is down is there way to check all pics and vids was downloaded.

    Off subject i found a you tube vid which maybe most might now.
    But when people download there stuff from icloud to pc etc is downloaded in much smaller file.
    This guy been searching how to get a hi res pic or vid and people where telling him to use third party software.
    Its in the iclound all along to be able to select it right i not done this. But i might look into it later and once i get more confident in all this draw stuff of several ipads in house save the high res stuff of iclouds and put on hard drive to free up some devices.

    Off subject again son has a mini ipad which he cracked the screen, never bothered to fix it as it's got a all over cover on it. Im sure its not supported anymore but that's in same state as wife's stuck in logo loop.

    Problem with that we can remember the id we set up on it how can we figure that out

  • I set up ipad as new device and everything pics and vids seem to be on there now, but yet in the place where your name is and takes you to your id etc it said back up failed? Maybe thats something to so with wife's icloud being full.
    It not surprise me with her that she added lots more pics and vids but was never saved as full.
    But we cant remember exactly when the ipad started the logo loop think as her pics only go upto jan 2020.
    I thought it could be a year but maybe it was longer than that she had last used it.
    Or possibly as said her icloud was full then and was never stuff added the reason for her jan 2020 date.

    Im thinking of getting her the $1 something sub for the extra storage until i get a bit of time to try save stuff to hard drives and delete the stuff up.
    I wonder if many pay for icloud storage as it's handy but maybe just putting stuff on hard drives is best.

    But so glad its up and running again and least she has some if not all her stuff back.
    Im sure there might be emails to set up and possibly google etc.
    But thanks for your help, if i get stuck in future you dont mind if i pm you.
    Google is your friend on stuff but it's a minefield out there.

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      Lot of questions there!

      1. Ifyou unzip the download on your PC, you should see all the photos. There’s lots of free unzip programs, like winzip, if you don’t have one, but should be built into windows.

      2. You can find the “iPad recovery mode” steps here: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201263. But if you don’t know the Apple ID, that’s going to be difficult. You could try going to: https://appleid.apple.com/ and try entering some combinations of emails and passwords.

      3. Good that everything’s downloaded on your wife’s iPad now. If the backup is failing with a “not enough room” error, then yes, you’re out of iCloud space. You can verify this on the iPad under iCloud settings, or on your PC at iCloud.com by looking at the remaining space left on the coloured graph (out of the free 5Gb). If it’s full then purchasing the extra iCloud space is the way to go. It will then backup as normal.

      • All good mate wife tells me that the mini iPad was probably daughters email lol and what she is using on the newer one and most likely whatever stuff was on there was probably moved to daughters current one.
        So I maybe try and get out of logo loop on that one and restore set up as new ipad.
        I’m not even sure what version of mini it is and it maybe possible it’s only supported up to a certain iOS and not longer if so then it get unusable as time passes but shall see.
        We can just set up I’d for son and will be good to go, will check out your link above on restore.
        Yes think I get wife and daughters iCloud upgraded to more storage for now anyway and cancel later once I move stuff to hard drive.
        5gb is hardly nothing these days when your talking about vids and pics.

      • I’m thinking to restore the mini I iPad I need to be logged into iTunes?
        So if what wife says daughter used it prior and upgraded and uses that now I’d in her newer iPad then can’t I just make a new I’d for son and then log in and restore it that way. As new iPad device

        • As long as the old iPad is no longer attached to her account you can put this one into recovery mode and then plug into iTunes to do a full restore of the latest OS. Then set up as a new iPad.

          It would be best to first check, by going to https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage and getting your daughter to log in. Then scroll down to the devices and you will see all the devices registered to her account. If the old iPad is still listed, you’ll need to select it, and then “remove from Account”. This will allow you to then wipe it and set it up as as a new device as per the instructions above.

          • @Lee71: Checked daughters ipad and the ipad which we have still to restore is not on daughters as a device.
            So will be good to restore

            Will have to try some emails we have and figure out what id this ipad has.
            As im sure there be pics etc on it.

            If cant work it out might have to try restore as new and forget about what had been on there.

            Hopefully we can find what id it had..

          • @Lee71: Hey mate need your help again lol.
            Even though I have looked at a few places etc I set up family sharing with wife's ipad as i got her 50gb icloud and so set up daughters ipad to wife's.
            Reason being wife had been using daughters ipad while her one was not.
            So to free up space on wife's ipad got the 50gb icloud.
            Daughters ipad said it had not backed up in 108 weeks.
            Tell you man wife is nightmare with these devices.
            Daughters device needed backed up which im having issues doing its failing to back up?
            Have i set up family sharing ok?

            Also the other issue is as its run out of storage on ipad i cant update ios as not enough memory left.

            Im thinking if im able to back up stuff from daughters ipad then I be able to update ios?

            This what was happening first or should I say what i was seeing.

            When i click on ok on the ipad not backed up up pops up.

            Ipad storage full…. you can free up space on this ipad by managing your storage in settings.

            When i do this the ipad storage says 31.9gb of 32gb used.

            So obviously cant update ios.

            I know 15.89gb of this is photos and vids of kids.

            How do i share or move this to wifes family icloud which daughter is connected to?

            Weird thing is on the ipad storage general page on the part below review large attachments the icloud photos has a circle of 1%? And next to that it says automatically upload and safely store all your photos and videos in icloud so you can browse, search and share from any of your devices.

            Clicking on this does nothing.

            My issue here is how i move stuff from daughters ipad which wife had been using a lot while her one was not working.
            As i got wife's ipad up and going again and set up icloud plus as even wife's then ipad was full.
            I set up the sharing thing but im confused how to get the stuff on icloud.

            Trying the icloud back up on the ipad gets to a point of about 1min remaining then judt cuts off each time.

            So what now? I cant seem to back up for whatever reason and obviously i think I need to do that to then be able to update ios.

            Im thinking backup to icloud maybe allows me to ipdate ios once done or do i still have to delete all from ipad or should i need to?

            Not sure what's going on with the icloud back up

            • @bwatt72: Hey, just saw this post. There's a couple of things to cover here!

              With Family Sharing, this allows you to share access to services (such as subscriptions, apps, etc.) across family devices. Up until recently, however, this did not include the 50GB iCloud storage. You had to purchase the 200GB storage plan to be able to share the iCloud storage.

              However, as of a few weeks ago, with the release of iOS15, iCloud has been re-branded as iCloud+ and you can share a 50GB account with other devices - if they are also running iOS15.

              So… your daughter is obviously not running iOS15 and can therefore not currently share the 50GB of iCloud storage to back up her device.

              To be able to update your daughters iPad, you'll definitely need to free up some space. A few suggestions are:

              1. Delete as many Apps as possibly. These can all be re-installed once the update is done, so that's the easiest way to free up space. That said, Apps don't generally take as much space as videos and photos. Once you've deleted some apps, you can check how much space is available in Settings > General > iPad storage. You'll need at least 2GB of free space, if you achieved this, you can try running the software update (settings > general > software update) at this point if you like.

              2. To get your wife's videos/photos from your daughter's iPad, you can do a couple of things. Your daughter could simply airdrop the photos (through the photos app by selecting them all and then sharing them to your wife via airdrop) this would then copy them all to her photos app. Your daughter can then delete them from here photos app. (note that when you delete something in photos, you then have to go to albums > (and scroll down to the bottom) Recently deleted - and then delete them again from the trash bin. Otherwise they remain on the device for another month. This should then free up space, particularly if you delete videos. The other option is to log onto iCloud.com with your daughter's AppleID on your computer, click on Photos, and download the photos/video to your computer. The log out, log back in to your wife's AppleID (still on iCloud.com) click on Photos, and upload them to her iCloud. The Airdrop method is probably the easiest!

              3. Once you've deleted any videos/photos from your daughters iPad (ensuring that you delete all from the trash bin in the Photos app (Albums > Recently Deleted) you can check the storage available in Settings > General > iPad storage. If sufficient space is available, you can proceed with the update. Once the device is updated to iOS 15, the iCloud+ storage will be available to this iPad as well.

              4. The other option is to backup your daughter's iPad by connecting to iTunes on your computer, and then doing the iOS 15 update through iTunes. This method still requires some free space on the iPad, but not as much, as the download package is stored on your laptop.

              Hopefully that all makes sense, but you'll need to free up some of the local storage on the iPad first before you can do any updates. And because your icloud+ plan only works on iOS15 you'll need to free up the space and update before you can access the shared iCloud space!

              • @Lee71: Wife not sure what ios she us using will need to check im sure its 14.8 not 15 yet and daughters one obviously issues updating still needs 14.8 and then 15.
                Since my last message wife had daughters ipad on a day out lol took more pics etc and deleted some which id still in trash.
                But for some weird reason the ipad was backed upto date which had not been in 108 weeks.
                This was one thing i tried to do but kept failing but somehow was done later and never noticed until the other day.
                Prior to trying to back up on ipad there was no updates done and family sharing had been set up but only the 5 free gb.
                The other stuff pics and vids etc which which i had been trying to back up which then was then was in shared cloud with mum.

                So currently daughter shares icloud with wife and both are not on ios 15.
                I had since your messages tried to connect daughters ipad with itunes but had issues connecting it, then when I did was getting a random screen pop up with wife so called ipod which not even sure she has and asking to set up as new or restore.
                This was all while logged into daughters appleid and connected not sure why some random thing of wifes would come up not related and under another appleid very weird.

                So i went on to daughters appleid and did what you told me last time downloaded pics and vids to zip file on pc which i did.

                I then hear once its backed up obviously now on ipad and i did downloaded some stuff to pc i can now go delete pics and vids.
                But it seems i need to turn off icloud photos etc for this and then back on when done? Not tried it yet but i had tried to delete some random screenshot and it said was deleted from i cloud so good job i never selected all and did this.

                I check your instructions you posted up, im sure there is a bit of space and im only trying to update ios 14.8 on daughters first and it gets done to 1 second then fails.
                Im sure there is enough store to do thìs at least, but as for the ios 15 that's even more needed.

                So as far as im aware icloud sharing is working for them on the 50gb plan and in place it's just to get the daughters ipad updating next ios at least.
                Once there both on 14.8 and i can free up space on daughters one then update her one to 15 and wife's also.

  • With ipad storage saying 29.2gb out of 32gb used i dont get why the smaller 14.8 update still fails doing so with ipad as its only small mb.

    The ios 15 says it needs 2.45gb but device needs 1.74gb available.
    I don't get

    I have offload some apps, deleted some silly pics, screenshots etc but seems to do nothing with memory is still high.
    Not tried the airdrop have you to be close to other device?
    Even if i got the pics and vids off ipad i dont get why still so much data as only 13.69 in photos and vids

  • I personally dont want to give wife heaps of the stuff as im going to be setting up an iPhone where what's on ipad will be on phone. I suppose nothing wrong with that.
    But i dont get why smaller update always fails and has each time i try.
    So probably if i had more storage on ipad then ios 15 might not update also as the other fails as well.

    God these ipads are giving me some headaches.