Becextech Withholding My Refund Saying Phone Is DOA after Returned “New” Galaxy Note in a Broken Seal Box

Hi everyone
Looking for advice on how to deal with this retailer
I purchased a galaxy note 20 online from them
The phone arrived with the box seal broken and as instructed by Samsung I contacted them and demanded a full refund
They replied:
About the broken seal, please allow us to clarify that every item we sold was inspected for Q.C purpose in order to ensure our customer received the complete and non-DOA items. We can guarantee it is 100% brand new item because that is our sole purpose to do extra work to check the package.
To cut a long story short, I sent them back their “new Qc phone” and now they are saying that the phone is dead and are withholding my refund
I’ve contacted Dept of Fair trading
Any advice would be most appreciated and thankful
Ps already thought about bikies 😅
Ok I have made a disputed transaction report, the bank says I should have a resolution in 10 business days
Ill keep you guys posted 🙏
The retailer has come back and said
We have received and assessed the returned item, however, we found slight scratches on these two sides (the edges), the camera cannot catch the images( really dodgy out of focus photo provided), unfortunately.
Having said that, a full refund cannot be provided.
We can provide a refund with a 10% restocking fee from the item price only.

I’ve told them to stick it, still waiting for my chargeback….

Update Oct 15th
Chargeback finally came through from bank however it’s still the subject of a 45 day period where the retailer can appeal

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    Do a chargeback through your credit card company. Make it their problem.

    • Thanks but it was done through a debit MasterCard

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        You can still do a chargeback provided you used it like a Mastercard i.e. bought it online by typing in your card number, expiry date and CVV

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          Ok great, how do I do that do I contact my bank?

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            @fawze: Yes.

            • @AdosHouse: Great thanks I will call them now

              • @fawze: Closed on weekends, will call on Monday

                • @fawze: That's bad for a bank to not have customer service available on the weekends.

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                    @AdosHouse: Service is available but the bank says that the department responsible for doing chargeback for my type of debit card is only available mon to fri during business hrs

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    Member since….oh wait what? 2010!
    Alright then, please hold the line a member of the Ozbargain community will provide you with legal advise shortly

    • 😂

    • I really do hope that was a sarcasm Advise at the end.

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    One consumer spent $608.95 on an Apple iPhone 6 from BecexTech, believing that the product was new. After the iPhone failed within three days, the consumer took the phone to an Apple store only to be told that that same phone had previously been purchased two years prior in the United States.

    • I read that, that’s why I decided against keeping the phone

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    This doesn’t make sense.

    How can they refuse the refund for a product, they claim is brand new, by saying it is DOA. A brand new product should be covered by warranty. Unless they claim you damaged it, somehow, they should provide you with a new replacement or a refund.

    • They haven’t accused me yet of damaging the phone
      But their correspondence does suggest it
      They are saying they have sent it to their warehouse in HK for further testing

      • If it has a, major, fault you can demand a refund. Send them a copy of the ACCC rules, tell them you didn’t touch it so they must have sent you a product with a major fault so you are entitled to a refund. You should do these transactions through credit cards, it gives you the chance to get the transaction backed out. It is worth the surcharge.

        • Lesson learnt
          I will never buy anything from this retailer again
          Should have done my homework on them but I had seen them post on ozbargain so I thought they must be ok
          I charged it on my debit card so I am fortunate
          I have to wait till Monday to apply for a chargeback

  • Did you refuse the package upon delivery? Or did you return AFTER you check out the contents and playing with the phone a bit?

    • I returned and paid for postage after opening the satchet,
      Opened the box but didn’t even touch the phone

  • So ? If the phone is doa, isn't that their responsibility for sending you a phone that's doa ? I don't understand what they are complaining about.

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    No, they have said that they checked the phone before they sent it as part of their “qc” hence the broken seal and according to them the phone was working

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      Hahahahaha, at least you've let them dig their own hole deeper. Charge back time.

      • I’ll let you guys know how I go with that
        I will speak to the bank on Monday

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          Best of luck. This sort of rubbish is why I, prefer, bricks and mortar stores.

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    Becextech Withholding My Refund..

    Stop reading after becextech

  • I know my bad should’ve known better

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    Any company claiming to open a sealed package for your benefit is lying to cover something up. To do this for a genuine new product would be ridiculous.

    • 👍

  • Legitimately surprised Becextech still alive. Don’t frequent whirlpool anymore for maybe 3-4 years but even then there was years of bad issues with this company. But I love that there are still people that are willing to risk a massive headache and not have Australian warranty to save 10%.

    • for me i read about them since 8-10 years ago. already bad. i remember at that time they charged like $90 for shipping a mobile phone. they make the unit price cheap so they can be on the top of google search.

  • In their product description was there anything stating the item will be opened for inspection by them prior to dispatch?

    • Absolutely not. I was expecting a brand new phone with wrapping and box seals intact, when it arrived like it did; no wrapping and cut box seals I emailed a photo of the box with seals cut and that’s when they gave me that ridiculous explanation

  • WELL? Did you charge back?

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      the bank says that the department responsible for doing chargeback for my type of debit card is only available mon to fri during business hrs

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    Ok I have made a disputed transaction report, the bank says I should have a resolution in 10 business days
    Ill keep you guys posted 🙏

    • Best of luck. Will look forward to see how this comes out.

      • Thanks 🙏

  • Got any updates for us OP?

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      Hi there
      Sorry I haven’t posted this earlier
      The chargeback came through on Tuesday but it is still subject to a 45 day period where the retailer can appeal the decision
      Thank you all so much for taking the time to post in this matter
      Very much appreciated
      On another note, really disappointed with the Dept of Fair Trading, despite all the damning evidence and the retailers tainted past all they did was send me a generic standard letter saying that I could elect to have my matter heard by a tribunal… really disappointed

      • These government agencies really don’t want to get involved in what they see as a civil matter. They, probably, think this is a win/win. Crossed fingers for your 45 days.

        • Thanks I’ll post the outcome 🙏

  • This is the letter from Fair Trading
    Your concerns were brought to the attention of an authorised representative of BecexTech Australia. The representative advised the product was returned in a damaged condition as there were slight scratches on two sides of the phone. The representative further advised the business is prepared to accept the return and provide a refund however, a 10 percent restocking fee will be deducted as they need to replace the housing. You can contact the business direct should you wish to discuss their response.

    The above outcome to your complaint concludes the dispute resolution process with NSW Fair Trading.

    Next steps

    If you wish to pursue the matter further, you have the option of lodging a claim with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Tribunal). The Tribunal provides an inexpensive and effective means of resolving consumer disputes and can make enforceable orders.