Any Where to Get Decent Prices 3070/3070 Ti?


I’m trying to buy a white 3070-3070ti. Is there any where I can get it for a decent price? Everywhere I look it’s 2k+

Any help is appreciated


  • Any Where to Get Decent Prices


    • Define decent 😉

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    Techfast had them below $1200, the ti below $1300 a couple of weeks back.

    This week PLE had it for $1230, I hopped on that one.

    A few things you can do to improve your odds, create a folder in your web browser, put a bunch of bookmark links to sites that sell GPUs, I'd suggest making the links specific then frequently check for changes. Keep an eye on deals, ebay may have something to tip the scale, there are also sometimes afterpay type discounts as well, a couple months back you could have gotten an RX 6700XT for less than $800 with Klarna- thought many of those require credit checks & I probably don't earn enough to bother with the application process. The bookmarking strategy is how I found the 3070 from PLE before it got posted here. The moment it gets posted here, you probably have less than 30m to hop on ot before it gets cannibalized though still do it, you just have to rely on timing much more than by doing it yourself.