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Mixed Box of 10 Beauty Products $15 (RRP Approx $120) + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend) @ Blissful Boxes


We are offering 10 brand new products valued at approx $120 for only $15
Brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Australis, Nyx, Rimmel and many more.

You can expect to receive a combination of hair care, skin care and cosmetics in your pack as well as small business products.

This is a limited time special until sold out. Due to demand, there is a limit of 1 pack per order. Please feel free to shop our store if you would like to grab more bargains upto 90% off beauty and wellness products

There is a $9.95 capped shipping. Orders $60+ will receive free shipping.

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Blissful Boxes


  • +1

    Is a $25 lucky dip bag really a bargain though?

    • Its approx $120 value, so to many it is.

      • +1

        Samples or full size products

        Can we specify mens or female packs

        • Sorry, they are Womens packs. They are full sized products all new. :)

          • @Bakerbunch: New as in unopened (older models), or 2021 products?

          • -4

            @Bakerbunch: So only women can wear your makeup?

            • @as01: Do you angry that bras n things aren't marketed to men too?

      • +3

        So you take some products that you likely haven’t been able to move, “value” them at their full RRP, and then move them under the guise of a mystery bag?

  • +7

    We are offering 10 brand new products

    Brand new as in newly released 2021 products? Or just 10 year old makeup that hasn't been opened yet?

  • Does the pack include bright blue eyeliners?

    Edited: Just noticed from the photo there is a LA Girl?? super pale purple lip paint.

  • +2

    Mystery boxes = here's what you wouldn't (and didn't) buy if you knew what was inside

  • +4

    Mystery boxes are not deals, please state the contents.

  • +4

    I unfortunately have a 1 year subscription to these, they tend to send you mostly cheaper brands you wouldnt want or small free sample products for around $20 / month.
    Read someone's comment on a review and tried lumibox instead . It's more expense , much better ,full sized products, plus you tell them what you are interested in and they provide it.
    My dealing with blissful involved completing a decent survey to work out what to send you each month and then they seem to send you the opposite.

    • Not sure who you are subscribed to, but we do not get anyone to complete surveys for products.
      We also DO NOT offer 1 year subscriptions, so would appreciate you get your facts right before bagging other businesses or if you are referring to another business, go comment on their page.

      We send a mixture of Branded products and we also support Australian small businesses by including their products and information on their businesses to help support them and send their products into hands of potential customers Australia wide.
      Our boxes are always over $100 RRP unless you get our Mini box and is simply a way of trying products you may not normally try.

      • You haven't answered some critical questions. Or maybe a lack of answer is the answer…

        Are the products 2021 products or 10yo discontinued products that Priceline etc dumped a long time ago? I see a lot of old stuff in your store.

      • Apologies, it's bellabox subscription that I have and don't like.