Any Investment Platforms (Like Spaceship Voyager) with More Indian Companies?

Hi this is my first thread, hope this is the right format/place to ask this.

I'm looking for any investment platforms (like Spaceship Voyager) available in Australia which offer portfolios or even individual stocks from India or have a greater representation from India?

I'm looking for a service with low/no minimum investment if possible.



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    Seriously though do you just want an ETF that's focused in India?

    • Hi, not really an ETF focused in India. I doubt there would be one such as that available.

      But an ETF that has a larger representation of India eg: Spaceship Origin only has 0.8%

      So an ETF with a greater share from India would be nice.

      Alternatively if that's not available, then a platform to invest in individual Indian stocks from Australia would be good.

  • Hi this is my first thread


  • Great idea if you want to lose all you money in underperforming markets. But in all seriousness if you are indian, it would be easier / more flexible for you to trade directly with an Indian broker in India.