Telstra Upgrade Process

I contacted Telstra today to change my 80gb Upfront plan to the 180gb upfront plan promo. (SIM only)

No issues, aside from their credit process.

First, I don’t understand why they still need to do a credit check, since they are no longer providing credit, the upfront plan is paid “upfront” a month in advance.

Second, the information requested

  • Primary source of income
  • Number of dependants
  • Occupation
  • Employer name
  • Employer phone number

All of this to be provided via a live chat…

I mean, maybe I am paranoid, but this is pretty much all the info you need for a loan. They have my D.O.B, full name and address.

Seems a little much just to upgrade a phone plan.

Telstra claims “the telecommunication consumer protection code requires Telstra to capture additional consumer information”

So I just checked the code here (page 44)

What I understand

  • Telstra shouldn’t be doing a credit check if the commitment is 1 month or below.
  • Telstra shouldn’t be doing a credit check as I am an existing customer (only check repayment history)
  • If they did want to do a credit check, the number of dependant, employer name and phone number isn’t part of the requirements

What does everyone else think about this?

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  • Bit intrusive.. for a SIM only plan.

    I'd just go to a different telco.

    • -1

      Yeah not really an option, got an Apple Watch so has to be a Telco that offers this service and Optus reception is poor where I am.

      • Ah, fair enough. It's quite odd as you are a current customer.. Would make a little more sense if you're new.

        I.e. My cousin recently (just last night) pre-ordered the new iPhone with Optus. He's a current post-paid sims only customer, but he was able to pre-order the iPhone without any further checks as is he an existing customer.

        • +1

          After speaking to agent number 3, he said just make the change online and he will apply the discount.

          Managed to change the plan in 1min without checks…

          Why would anyone provide so much personal information to someone on the live chat overseas! Crazy

          • @Discounted: Would make a little more sense if you're taking out a contract for a new device.. but yeah for an upfront sims only plan.. I wouldn't really want to either.

  • Report this to your telecommunications ombudsman, if you can. You'll be doing a world of good

    'scuse me

    • Actually have reported to ACMA as they are responsible for the Telecommunication consumer protection code.

      I may be wrong, but after reading the code I believe there is some issues with the way Telstra applies the code.

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