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Phone Cases and Screen Protectors for iPhone 13, 12, 11, AirPods Pro, Samsung S21, S20, Note 20 from $10 Delivered @ ESR Gear


Hi OzBargainers, ESR is offering discounts on a huge collection of iPhone, Samsung, and AirPods Pro accessories, with enough designs, colors, and price points to suit your preference.

Shipping is FREE when you check out with the corresponding promo code.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Australia Post, there might be delays for the order tracking updates and delivery times.

iPhone 13 Series - Use 30% off code ESRDD13 (Code might expire anytime due to the limited stock, hurry up!)

iPhone 12 Series - Use the corresponding code listed below

iPhone 11 Series - Use 50% off code ESRGG12

Samsung Galaxy Series - Use 45% off code ESRHA55

AirPods Pro
* AirPods Pro Silicone Case $10.39 w/ code THA569
* Cute AirPods Pro Case with Animal Keychain $10.91 w/ code ESRGG13

Want to check out more deals? Click here for a few other bargains on our sales page.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Alpha User Program for chances to get test ESR products for FREE!

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    So what's $9? This is typical eBay scam where they have a variant of something useless for $1.

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      Agreed. This is standard price.

  • Hi rep, do you happen to have iPhone 8+ version or Samsung S10+? 🤣
    The metal kickstand one I mean.

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    Typical eBay TPU case is around $9 :/

  • Bought a s20+ screen protector. I've heard good things

  • +3

    I got the stand case for my S21 Ultra. It was cool but came off within days. The stand added that much bulk to the case that my car mount couldn't hold it up. Only way was to place my phone screen-faced down. Pretty disappointed but ah well

  • +1

    Any discount codes for iPhone x/xs?

  • +1

    No love for S21 5G ?. Only for S21+ and Ultra.

  • Is it worth paying for the tougher Amorite protectors? Any discounts on those for the 13 Pro Max, rep?

  • +3

    Are these dropshipped from China?

  • Hope it is as per the photos, that there is a raised lip/edge to protect the screen face.
    The number of times that I buy phones cases and it doesn't show up as in the photo!!
    lol, at $11.20, will give it another try, hope it's good @ESR Gear.

    • I've had an ESR case on my Pixel 4 XL for 2 years now. Raise lip, bumpers, cushioned corners etc work well and my phone's survived many drops with the case on.

  • sweet, was looking for a new leather case for my wife. perfect timing
    hopefully quick delivery

  • No offer for Magsafe case from the looks of it

  • This is the only iPhone screen protector we use. I’ve found their screen protectors actually cover the full screen while most other brands on the market leave some gaps on the edge.

  • +3

    Can’t you just make one code, rather than 50 codes for 50 different products?

  • Ships from China?… delivery time for AU is 10-18 business days… 2-3 weeks lol

  • +1

    Whats the different from those ebay cases with no brand and cheaper?

  • Decided to give it a try. Bought the case for s21. However it would be nice if screen protector is on sale too

  • Hey rep, when's the halo cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max going to be available?

  • Hi @ESR Gear, when I was browsing the site earlier, the iPhone 13 Pro screen protector showed a little cut out for the camera. So I ordered for this reason. Now the picture has changed, with no little hole for the camera. Which version will I receive? (It's very important to have a cut out to not affect the quality of photos)

  • +1

    I wouldn't rely too much on reviews on the ESR website. Thought it was strange no 1 or 2 star reviews for S21 Ultra case or the associated Ultra Liquid screen protector so did my own research. 12% of Amazon US reviews rated Ultra Liquid screen protector as 1 star and 5%, 2 star. The story was a lot better for the case, only 2% 2 star and 4% 1 star but the dodgy review results on the ESR website turned me off buying either. If their product is as good as they claim then there shouldn't be any need to manipulate customer reviews to the extent they obviously have here.

  • Would be nice if the S21 case is also on sale…

  • +5

    The first item I looked at is a lot cheaper on your Amazon store. A bit dodgy calling these discounts…


    • I checked earlier and they were out of stock so I ordered from here. OP, how do I cancel order ?

    • unbelievable!

  • -1

    Always funny to see others get the cheapest case possible for their $2k phone especially when iPhones are expected to hold their value so well if they're in decent condition.

  • Eshaays

  • Any good case for iPhone XR?
    Search prompted iPhone XR wallet case, but result turned out to be 404.

  • +1

    my order is still not dispatched yet..

    • -1

      Hi noobmeister, I'm sorry for the late dispatch. We just came back from a 3-day holiday and did not have the chance to handle the orders earlier.
      We are doing our best to process as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

  • do you have any promo on ipad pro 11 inch screen protector?

  • I placed an order on 17 Sept (#341947) but until today the status is still 'processing'. I've already got my iPhone 13 Pro (ordered on the same date) but not the case. I' m very much disappointed

  • Hi I'm still waiting on my case. I didn't even get an order confirmation but the money has been taken out of my Paypal.

    • Hi EI Grande,

      Thanks for reaching out. Could you please PM your Name, Email Address, and Shipping Address? Our Customer Service team will investigate the issue further. Thanks.

      • Hi I Still haven't got it. I'll send you a DM Now.

  • Hi I am still waiting for the phone case. Its been showing as in Huntingdale Vic since last week?

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