Buying 5G Router from China


It is my first post here here, please be mindful.

Is there any reason preventing me from buying 5G modem with band N78 (3500MHZ) from china?

Is there any cheap option available locally <$250.

I have 5G data sim from optus ( cost $7.5/M) with data share 500GB.

I dnt want to buy optus $75/M 5G plan from optus.


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    Would a cheap 5G phone be a better option? Then you can use the wifi hotspot.

    No import delays, local warranty etc

    Not sure what options there are though

    • I've played online multiplayer games off my samsung S8 wifi hotspot. no issues at all.

  • Do you hold a carriers licence?

    • Why would you need to?

  • We've been using the Huawei CPE Pro that we bought in China 2 years ago, when it first came out.

    No problem at all, Optus / Telstra goes upto 200mbps (i.e. 25MB/s) download here in SW Melbourne.