Looking for a fairly recent small 5-6" screen Android phone

I'm sick of these big screen phones and looking for a smaller screen 5-6".
Does anyone know of a fairly recent android phones with 5 to 6 inch screen?


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      Yeah, if you're after a flagship-ish phone, Samsung Galaxy S10e is probably your best bet for a …'smaller' choice. I downgraded from my S10 to the e and never looked back.

      All these darned new phones are too big to one-hand or easily pocket these days… Honestly I'm unfortunately likely to slip back into the apple ecosystem if there isn't an android competitor to the iPhone 12/13 mini released soon…. I REALLY like the formfactor of those… but for the love of god… just make them thicc bois and increase the battery capacity :(

      Someone with regular size hands

  • Pixel 4a

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    Crazy that 5-6" is now considered small.

    • That's because they're still similar physical size for the whole phone, thanks to ever shrinking bezels. The 6.3" Note 10 is slightly narrower and thinner than the 5.1" Galaxy S5, however it is 9mm taller. Actually easier to use single handed unless you're reaching for the top of the screen.

      My partner has the OG 4" iPhone SE and I have a 5.4" 12 mini. In the hand they feel roughly the same (although hers has a case on it, mine doesn't), but mine has 50%ish more screen. It's huge how different ripping all the buttons and such off the front makes display sizes.

      Since about the iPhone 6/Galaxy S5 phones haven't really gotten any bigger.

  • Pixel 5 would be my choice. Precisely because a small size is one of the primary things I'm looking for in a smartphone. Shame it's discontinued.

  • Budget? Features you want?

  • Mi 9 SE

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  • 2020/21 release, 5-6" screens - GSMarena search
    Not many familiar names to choose from.

  • I have a s10e and haven't found anything just as good, if it dies I will probably get the zenfone 8 (which is 5.9 inch), it's a little heavier and feels marginally thicker, but of course newer than s10e

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