PCIe Graphics Card to Run 2x 34” Monitors

Hi can anyone recommend a good graphics card that can run 2x 34” monitors?

I have 34" SJ550 Ultra WQHD Monitor 75HZ and just bought from eBay deal Xiaomi 34" Curved Gaming Ultrawide Monitor 144HZ.

My current graphics card lets me run SJ550 at 50HZ would like to run both monitors at max HZ. Main purpose is for work, a bit of day trading and abit of gaming.

Any recommendations that can run both at max HZ?


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    Any modern graphics card should be able to do that easily. I have a spare 8-year old GPU that does.

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        That's not the question posted by OP.

  • How you are planning to put them side by side i mean one curve one not, would it looks strange?

  • I plan on stacking them together
    34” curved on the desk for gaming
    34” wide screen at the top.
    Something like this

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      So jealous! But maybe 2 curves are better

      • I would have buy already had a 34” ultrawide from last deal.

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    With a bit of gaming, I would recommend a Nvidia 3060 or a Radeon 6600 XT.

    Any older card will be 2nd hand or way overpriced….

    • Thank you for that.

  • FYI size doesn't matter anywhere near as much as resolution.
    A 34" 1080 screen vs a 1440p screen is a world of difference in the required processing power (when gaming).

    Best thing would be to look up reviews on cards in your price range then have a look at what gaming fps you get at a similar resolution to the screen you're looking at.

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      Wow - apparently i didn't even read your question. You've already got the monitors….

      Have a look at the tables here….

      It gives you an idea of fps for the Xiaomi screen…..(note that you wont be maxxing out fps (144 fps) on most games - even with a 3090)

  • What about if I want to run both monitors at 75hz?
    Any recommendations for dual HDMI graphics card port that can run at that capacity?