Need Advice for Selling GPU in Lockdown

Hi all,

Disclaimer: Haven't sold anything second hand other than to friends and family before.

As a techie, i usually upgrade my tech fairly regularly but I've generally been able to pass it down or sell it on to people i know.

I have a 3070 which i no longer need and after asking around to friends, family and colleagues, I'm looking to sell it online. The idea of putting it up for sale online is a bit daunting as I've heard a few horror stories of legit sellers having dodgy buyers retracting online payments. Pre-covid, I'd consider a cash on delivery or even cash on installation (while present) scenario, depending what the buyer preferred. Now, not sure how to give the buyer confidence that they are getting an as advertised item and as the seller, I'm not going to get ripped off after the purchase.

Any advice with solid computer hardware communities (preferably Melbourne inner north or online), personal stories (successful or otherwise), recommedations or guides to selling online would be greatly appreciated.


Update: The card has been sold and it was due to this post. I just want to say thanks to this community and to everyone who contributed their advice.


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    List it online, offer collection / cash on pickup at a local supermarket or other essential business within your restrictrions radius. Buyer takes on the risk of travelling outside their restrictions zone (if they live far from you.) Alternatively, offering for sale on Gumtree or Marketplace for delivery is fine if and only if you accept payment by direct deposit ONLY. Post it only once payment has cleared to your account. Paypal is a hard no.

    You may find many buyers are reluctant to pay for an expensive item via DD as they have virtually no recourse, but you have to look after yourself ahead of them.

    • If you're can find a place to meet up that has camera/video surveillance that's even better.

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        This is almost a waste of time. Most cameras are of such poor quality, their value is nothing . Also you'll not get access to the footage. Police might, but not with the effort

        You need to receive cash . Me, I meet outside local police station.

      • +1.. I tend to suggest the local RSL club for cash pickups. Never had any problems, plenty of security, cameras and ATM's around. Even if the video accessibility or quality is in question, its mutually safe turf to conduct the exchange.

        • RSL is a good idea. Can get a snitty and chips after to celebrate.

  • Excellent advice, saitaris.

    I personally would never purchase an item for delivery via DD from a private seller but you make a great point. I'm confident with the quality of the item but not the intent of the buyer.

    Thanks for that.

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    List on gumtree or FBM strictly stating meetup only within covid limitations and cash only.

    Make sure your listing has very clear images and a detailed description. Take note of all serial numbers for your own record.

    It's actually really easy. The horror stories are only a small percentage of the very successful transactions.

    • and cash only.

      And absolutely no returns! Or else they will pull the 'old switcheroo' with an identical but broken item.

  • The GPU is still under warranty and i have the receipt from the retailer.

    Should i provide that to the buyer?

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      Up to you. Does it have any personal details?

      • It doesn't… bought it in-store, no pre-order.

        Saw that they had stock, drove over and bought it over the counter. Seems like a fairy tail nowdays.

        That said, will probably take advantage of Evga's transferrable warranty now that i know it exists.

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      Block out personal info on that and I would include it in the sale. People will value that it is still under manufacturers warranty and a receipt to go with it. However, only pass those details onto the buyer once sale is completed. I generally don't like to send these before as I know there are a lot of time wasters on platforms like gumtree and ebay.

    • Did some research and i thought this would be worth sharing…

      Evga has a Transferable Limited Warranty (Second-Hand Purchasers)

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    Is it that sad that theres a thread every few days asking this?

    Years ago you'd just advertise it, agree on price and deal is done.

    • I'm aware that this is commenting on the trust of the online marketplace but just in case, i had a look through the first few pages of this forum and didn't see anything related.

      Apologies if this is a repost.

      And yeah, it's sad.

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    Send it to Russia like the last person on this forum.

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    It staggers me that someone would handover cash to a stranger for something you can't really check until you get home and about which you'll have no recourse or even worse make a deposit to their account before you've even seen the item (if you ever see it). As someone with 600+ 100% positive EBay feedback, my take is that if you don't want me to have recourse, I'm likely going to need it and don't want to do business with you.

    About the police station idea, I think you have unrealistically high expectations of our police. I once saw someone mugged outside a police station. I and a bunch of others waiting for a bus watched incredulously as a youth ran past the station with the apparent muggee after him shouting, to no avail "Stop him. He's stolen my wallet!" Another time, mid afternoon, I called the local police station to report someone walking up the street breaking into cars. They asked when this happened. I said it's happening now; you can catch them if you come now. They basically said we're too busy.

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      someone would handover cash to a stranger for something you can't really check until you get home

      Simply carry your PC, screen, power cables, mouse and keyboard to the meeting location - maybe a generator for electricity if theres no pointis spare… dig out the tools and fit it up, test it,

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    Create a forum post about how to sell. Make sure you sound genuine. Wait for people to private message you. Offer it to them a bit cheaper than normal. They will be so keen they will take risks. Take off with their money and close forum account.

    • Wasn't my original intention but yeah, I have received a few DMs.

      I don't see what is wrong with your statement as long as the buyer takes off with a working, as advertised item as well. The real offence is closing the account, that's just bad form.

      On the flip side…
      See post on forum that sounds genuine, offer to pay cash and meet up, roll noob and take off with item. Risks on both sides, i guess.

      No offence to anyone who has offered, just stating the risk… which is why I posted in the first place.