Seeking recommendations for best line trimmer mainly for edging

I am looking for a good quality line trimmer mainly for edging. I already have a lawn mower for mowing the grass.

Budget is upto 250$

Lawn 1 - Area 24 m
Lawn 2 - Area 10m

I've looked through other forum posts but most of them are quite old except a few, plus didn't come to anything conclusive.


  • What's the edge of the lawn against? a wall or fence or concrete path or flower bed or ?

    • its my front and side nature strip. so I believe, it would be concrete on one side and other side is curb

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    • I have one of those Works great Takes a couple of goes to get the edge in if hasn't been done before Then do it often to keep in neat.

    • With battery and charger combo of 149 plus whatever for spool line, it turns out double my budget.

    • I have this one and I love it. Already heavily invested in Ryobi by that point so had plenty of batteries.

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    Get something that accommodates thicker trimer line. It says in the manual the max it can handle. That, or get used to bump feed and constantly changing the line.

  • Ryobi 18v brushless trimmer works well.
    Use to have the cheaper non brushless ryobi and it was not worth the effort, but the brushless model has heaps of power.
    Decision might be come down to wether you want petrol or battery, and if battery, what existing battery tools you already have

    Not the best for path edges, I use an old 240v edger for that task

  • Edger for path edges, as others have said. Everything else, line trimmer. In a perfect world, you have both.

    I had a petrol Ryobi at one point, it was truly terrible.

    Got a Kawasaki after that…it had a lower capacity motor than the Ryobi, but was more powerful and ran smoother. Excellent trimmer.

    When the Kawasaki needed an overhaul, I went with a 56V Ego unit. I don't miss petrol.

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    This one is the bees knees and versatile for both edging and trimming!

    • Thanks. Will check out.

  • I got one of the Ego battery ones from Masters and it’s still going strong. Definitely don’t get the cheap line from Bunnings

    • Do you mind sharing link to one of these?

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        You'll need a Delorean for the excellent Masters deals.

        Here is one…bit more than your budget I'm afraid:

        However, if you had a battery and charger already, then you're looking at ~$250 skins.

        There are deals on the Ego stuff from time to time, generally involving bonus batteries by redemption. Other than that, the retailers don't seem to discount a whole lot on them, unless it's a retired model.

        If you wanted something close to matching petrol, then you probably need to forget about the 18v stuff. Most manufacturers offer a line of higher voltage outdoor tools now. I know it's an over-simplification, but, pretty much, higher voltage = more power.

  • I’ve got the earlier model of one of these and use this line.

    I have about 120 metres of edging and takes around 10 minutes.

    • Thanks. Will check out.

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    I have a WORX WG163E 20V 2-in-1 Trimmer/Edger. Very happy with it

    • This has lots of good reviews and much cheaper too. Thanks.
      How long you have been using it for?

  • Got any battery tools? Get the line trimmer to match.

    I had a Ryobi 18v line trimmer. Worked well, but was a little bit ‘light duty’ for my large lawn. Have upgraded to 36v (cheap second hand) which is more powerful. Key to the 18v version was not letting the edges get too long or thick.

  • Dont bother with the 18v ryobi one buy this one

    We have one, battery lasted 5 years and we just had to buy another. Its 36v, its VERY powerful, it craps all over any 18v one you will buy.

    We use it for edging and weeds, our yard is huge and it has never let us down. if you have a smallish yard you wont ever have a problem

    On a side note it was $218 on Amazon a few weeks ago so shop around

  • ÙùìWithout a doubt the best IMO

    Plus the added assortment of tools for the battery, can't fault them at all

    • the brushless 18v one is way more powerful than this one, can handle a large diameter line, while using the same batteries

      • Long as they have the twist and Tilt feature as well as the 18+ option all good
        This unit has made life so much easier to manage for this disability pensioner, all I have to do adjust angles with 2 buttons so it's comfy for the housemate, sit back with a beer and watch her work

    • Not sure it’s the best. It’s good value and their other tools are Lao good value, but it’s not particularly powerful. Ok if you are patient or have a small area to edge.

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    Regardless of which whipper snipper you end up choosing, my advice would be to go with the best quality (generally the thickest) nylon trimmer line possible. It will be more expensive upfront but pays for itself in longevity, durability and convenience, especially if your edges are against rock, brick or concrete. Sometimes the consumable (e.g. blade, drill bit or trimmer line) is more important than the tool itself.