Refund Received on Afterpay Account. Can I Withdraw/Transfer It?

I have received a refund for a purchase to my afterpay account and it's a large amount. Am I able to withdraw/transfer the fund or will I be charged cash withdrawal fee?

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    AfterPay doesn’t refund to your AfterPay account, they refund to your credit card.

    • Klarna too.

    • I can confirm this. I received a refund from Ticketek, and Afterpay put the money on my credit card within two days. Much faster than the refund Ticketek gave me for another purchase I paid directly (that took four weeks from the notification of cancellation).

  • Refund means the funds will go back to wherever you paid from. If you paid using a Credit card via Afterpay your Money will go back to the credit card.
    In your case I'm guessing you paid using money that you deposited into your Afterpay account then you will be able to send it another bank account as per normal.

    • What if the purchase was partially funded by the $30 referral credit - will this be lost when the purchase was refunded in full?

  • just as an FYI - paypal payin4 refunds the money to the paypal balance. you can then withdraw to your bank.