Bidet Toilet Seat Recommendations

I'm looking at getting a bidet, but it seems people have recently started saying that the Xiaomi/Uclean doesn't last very long before it dies. Given that's 99% of bidet bargains posted here, I'm wondering what the best alternative is?

I'd like something that's got plenty of features like heated water, air drying, maybe even a soft closing lid, but is still a retro-fitted seat rather than a whole toilet replacement, as that would obviously be cheaper. The kids will also use it, so the controls (not an app) need to be pretty easy to use.


  • I bought one from Kogan couple of months ago. I don't remember the brand name, but it was non-electric, was around $80. It was easy to fit and working well so far.

  • I personally have used a Coway BA 08 Bidet from the bidet shop in Australia for the last 6 years and i cannot recommend them enough, they are not cheap but they do everything you want, check out their website it also is very good.

  • Bunnings has this one.

    Not as cheap as some of the others but consider the local support and three years warranty.
    The popular Xiaomi ones here are known to fail after 1+years.