Kliki Faux Leather High Back Reclining Executive Office Chair w/ Stool Black for $109. Good or nah?

As per title. Looking for an ergonomic chair but. Budget is around 150 but this seems like a nice deal but idk much about chairs. Any ikea version to top this?


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    Faux leather, I give it 12 months before it starts cracking and shedding bits all over the place :)

    • Hard pass on faux leather. Buy real leather, fabric or a mesh (but check reviews on the mesh as some can be really scratchy)

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    How hard is a warranty refund or replacement when bits flake off?

  • What are you expecting a $100 chair from Catch to be? Of course it's not good. Also recline doesn't make it an ergonimic chair, it's not.

    • OP wanted to find a 'buy it for life,' leather jacket for $80. So…