Solutions for Slow Covid Postage for eBay Sellers?

My thinking is to change all my postage to 5 Business days. On sale I will message buyers within 1 business day the tracking of their posted item. eBay tracking will be updated on the 5th business day (I might need to go 8-9 days). eBay won't protect sellers during slow Australia Post delivery hence creative solutions are needed.

Anyone have another idea for this problem please present it?


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    Anyone have another idea for this problem please present it ?

    Ditch ebay. They have it plastered all over the site that delays are inevitable yet won't support sellers in regard to it. I've stopped selling anything but excess junk.

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      agree. im down $450 even when I gave the trackin # etc to the dispute put in by the buyer… who now has the money and the item.

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        It's so ridiculous. So they open a dispute, you provide tracking, they're aware that post is shit but they rule in favour of buyer. There's no point in selling on there. May as well just gamble your money away at the pokies.

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          Can, can I have those products then?

    • Are there any other good alternatives apart from Gumtree? I've got a bunch of stuff I was planning on listing on ebay but happy to take my business elsewhere rather than support their dodgyness

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        I'd like an alternative too. eBay is barely worth the trouble for small sellers. The only other alternative is Marketplace but I prefer not to meet buyers in person and it limits you geographically.

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        Facebook marketplace, and joining trading / collector groups on Facebook for the sort of things you sell. There's groups for everything that anyone would want to collect or have a hobby in. Then you're not limited geographically like in marketplace.

  • Have you tried using Sendle, where possible? Usually cheaper as well as faster.

    • I've has plenty go astray with sendle. Still have to deal with ebay's dispute while sendle won't look at it until weeks after estimated delivery window.

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    eBay fees are a joke

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    Side note - but bought some dog food from a seller about 10kms from me. They offered click/collect but this was during the 5km lockdown and I cbf going to pick it up

    For some stupid reason, the package went from their location to freaking Sydney, and last time I checked, it’s due for delivery Monday-Wednesday

    I bought this dog food 3 weeks ago

    • Sounds about right mate, you should read my recent experience on the Aus Post thread.

  • Is this for private sellers as well as business sellers?

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    I'd recommending changing the handling time to 5 business days and set the postage to Australia Post Standard. Due to Covid delays, a lot of buyers are opening "Non-received Item disputes." This will result in eBay restricting your account and holding your funds, if there is an increase of disputes.

    eBay customer service are run by incompetent staff who needs to follow a script and they can never go beyond anything in understanding the current circumstances with current delivery delays. They're basically bots.

    • I started the thread because of a $130 item that if it was my highest price item could be a few thousand . That has been in transit from Melb to Syd for 3 weeks and tracking shows it has been rotating between the 2 cities . I have a case and the choice is 2 fold refund the buyer or provide tracking it has been delivered. No choice for me to state the item delivered unfortunately . It is is still held up in transit . So for me to avoid the extra $22 fee my best choice would be to refund the buyer and even if the item turns up Ebay have closed the case . BTW insurance does not help at all unless eventually the item is deemed lost .

      Scammers can open a case on anything after the short period required and Ebay would close the case in their favour during the short period of the case is also my biggest concern during this slow Covid Aus Post delivery period .
      The choose for Merchants is : 1) Provide Tracking of delivery
      2) Refund the buyer

      • Is the $22 fee a kind of late fee or something to do with the postage amount?

        I wonder what happens if the tracking isn't accurate (lI've found some couriers aren't scanning items as being delivered these days)

  • I don't really wanna comment on this cos I feel like as soon as I do I'll get hit with INRs… but I haven't had any issues yet. Sending out an average of 4 sales a day thru Ebay, probably 40% untracked letter mail. One day handling time, from a Sydney "LGA of concern".

    I thought ebay were supporting sellers by at the least not punishing them for late Australia post deliveries? Or is that only for Sydney/Melbourne sellers hit by covid delays? For what it's worth I flip between Sendle and Aus Post on parcels, Sendle have not dropped the ball at all.

  • I find lots of sub $15 items are eBay Plus eligible (free shipping) now, which of course put the Auspost under pressure, worsening the situation.