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50% off Space and Planetarium Projector $29.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Myer


Bought this projector 2 years old for my 2 boys, turned out a charm - calmed them down before bed and got them straight to sleep. For $29.99 totally an entertainment piece.

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    $1 cheaper in target

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    Pay the extra for the kmart mirabella one. Wifi automation and much better display.

    • Can I have a link please?

        • I have something similar to that Kmart one but I got it from Amazon and a warning with this. It projects 2 things one is the ‘Milky Way’ looking object and the other is stars, the stars are projected by a laser and even though it’s not very strong it was a bit too intense for bed (and still wasn’t keen on kids + laser products).

          Ended up not turning the stars on and so it’s just this rotating Milky Way looking object… I think this Discovery one would be much better as it’s actual planets.

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      The kmart one looks like it only projects stars/galaxies, the myer/target one includes planets.

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        So this one is way more milky then?

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      Not the same. This is a planetarium so it has actual star maps.

    • I haven't tried this one from Myer - but can confirm the Mirabella one is bloody awesome. A mix of wave light + laser stars.

      • According to the YouTube video in one of the comments below, the Myer one sucks so bad, I wouldn’t get one like that.

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          Eh - we have one at home and 100% recommend it. People are forever amazed and wanting one for themselves when they walk into our tripped out living room.

        • If you mean the link from EightImmortals - every review is about the OP

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  • Is Pluto depicted as a planet?