Robot Lawnmower Recommendations?

I’m interested in getting a robot lawnmower. I thought it might mean we do the lawn more often which should keep it looking better. It’s about 150sqm, flat and fenced with a few curved garden bed section and some trees around the edges.

So far I’ve found this article

There’s a couple of models at Bunnings (am considering buying from Bunnings as if they breakdown prematurely it’s easy to return/claim warranty).

Does anyone have any experience with robot lawn mowers? Can recommend a model? Are they worth it?


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    I never knew this was a thing until now, thanks.

    • Yep - pretty keen to get one if it seems they’ll do a decent job. I feel like we’d do our lawn way more frequently which would give weeds less of a chance to break through and seed.

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    Husqvarna or you are wasting your time and money.

    • Thanks - do you have one?

      • No. But I know someone that has 2 just to mow a section of the front yard around their house. The lawn always looks awesome.

        • I hope it’s a big front yard!

          • @morse: About 5 acres

            • @MS Paint: Oh nice! I’m quite interested in the Husqvarna but am a little wary re warranty. I am thinking about $400/year is worth it. ie if it costs $1200 I’d expect it to last minimum 3 years, anything else is a bonus. Not sure if I’m being too optimistic…

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                @morse: Base model is $1700 with 5 year warranty from an authorised dealer.


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    There was a deal/thread on OzB for Worx robot mowers a few months ago FYI that had some informative comments

    • Thanks will track it down - I couldn’t see anything when I searched.

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    Last I checked, they need a border wire around the garden to restrain them. This just feels like a major trip hazard, unless you have steps down to your lawn as the only entry/exit point to the area.

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      You bury the wire.

      • Oh really?
        So it's more like the magnetic strips you can get for a Robot Vacuum? How does that work?

        I for some reason assumed it was a physical barrier to stop the robot losing navigation and making carnage across the rest of the garden (or the neighbors garden's down the street!)!

        • What happens if you have a nature strip to mow? I suppose you really can't leave it unattended without risking it getting stolen or stray down the street and disappear for good so seems like a waste unless you have a fully walled-in lawn.

          • @websterp: Local landscape supplies place has one on the nature strip when they are open been there for months.

            My guess you set it up to mow while you are around, then call it inside when it’s dinner time

          • @websterp: Yeah I was thinking about this, we have our main lawn inside our fence plus nature strips outside. I think need primarily be interested for our lawn but wondered about having it run on the nature strip whilst doing other jobs in the same area eg edging.

        • Yeah, it's like the invisible dog fence with collars I assume?

    • Thanks - yes I saw this when looking. It kind of seems like old technology compared to robot vacs. But quite keen nonetheless.