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LEGO Classic Baseplate Green $7.94 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for another classic baseplate, and seems like a decent price according to the camels for the green.

Gray also on sale for $12.75, but has been $12 in the past. Still good, and appears to be a 48x48 size (ignoring what the top description says).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP. Good alternative if I couldn't find the starter pack from Woolies.

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    Note that this green is way brighter than the retired/'classic' 626 green base plate

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      The grass is greener

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    Stock up and cover your enemy's floor with this and lay some LEGO bricks around

  • I would buy a truck load at the 3rd party lowest price of $1.03 each .

  • Is it out of stock for others. Still appear to be able to add to cart for me.

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      It is still available on my end.

      • Cool. Got marked as OOS for some reason.

  • Why not buy wws start kit which also has a base larger than 32x32 studs or 10 inch (25cm) x 10 inch (25cm). I think the start kit is 28cm25cm 3832 studs and has some other pieces for the wall.

  • Blue also for $8.50
    Great for water builds

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    Whats the cost to make?

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      I'm guesstimating around 20c and doubt I'm too far off.

      • Depends what you're including in that cost. If purely raw materials you're probably way over!

        • 3c for raw material
          3c manufacturing
          7c transport
          9c marketing & admin

          22c feels about right.

    • We talking short run marginal cost or long run marginal cost?

    • Production costs on Lego are about 20-30% of revenue, with distribution and marketing taking another 20-30% or so chunk.

    • Almost nothing, like a lot of consumer items. Eg an hdmi cable you’ll pay $25 for. Branded is hard to get a good deal, but good quality generic/unlabelled-branded are usually available somewhere on the internet these days. People who think dealing with China is “unpatriotic” should live in a mud hut because it’s pretty much impossible these days, whatever you think of their regime.

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    Mebbe I could tile my whole house with these and walk around in lego shoes.

  • Don’t forget lego compatible base plates are available from Kmart and Target, much cheaper. ($3 Kmart or cheaper in a pack) I’ve tried them, they’re hard, crisp opaque excellent quality and fit lego bricks just as great, they have a variety of colours and designs, they just don’t have the resale value. I won’t deal in fake lego pieces as they’re usually cheap n nasty & get mixed up & no resale value, but I make an exception for buying base plates, the kids always have heaps of projects on the go at the same time.