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Navman Mivue 1000 Sensor XL Dash Cam $149 + Delivery @ Bing Lee


Discounted to $149

World first technology. Delivers the very best possible video quality in a dash cam, it works by using a sensor 30% larger than any other that enables it to capture more light meaning you’ll see greater detail in footage than you ever thought possible. With Full HD 1080P 60 frames per seconds it is perfect for filming fast moving objects as it keeps the footage smooth and details crisp. Footage is tagged with GPS location and the 3-Axis G-sensor provides exact details of the speed and direction of impact. It also automatically detects and saves footage from any change in motion or an impact, and even if parked (with the addition of SmartBox accessory). Its super capacitor battery enables the device to operate in hot conditions and withstand temperatures inside the vehicle of up to 70 degrees Celsius.

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  • for those without a BL store nearby, price match at JB to avoid $6 shipping

  • +1

    Reviews are not great

    • Plus 1080p not the best for capturing details like numberplates. 60fps is certainly better than 30 though on faster moving footage.

      I'd probably only buy 4K60 now.

      • 1080 is fine for catching plates.

        60 is much better than 30.

        • It can be in good lighting. Any adverse lighting and it gets far harder. 4K helps overcome that - just look at any DashcamAus videos sourced from 4K60 - generally able to get far more detail and clarity from that footage.

          Or we can all just get Teslas with all-round cameras :)

  • The reviews are pretty up and down for this model - wanting to get a dashcam but dont think i'll pull the trigger.

  • +1

    Delivers the very best possible video quality in a dash cam

    Maybe before 4k was a thing