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Roasted or Roasted & Salted Cashews 750g $9.50 @ Woolworths


This popular deal is back once again.

Regular price is $17.

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    stocked up so many bags since the last deal. Love the cashews - so creamy!

    • I always make sure to have at least one bag stashed away in the back of my pantry!

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      Really? I thought nuts didn't last very long

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    Cashews slightly cheaper at Coles (Starting Wednesday):

    • Coles - $12.50/kg
    • Woolworths - $12.66/kg
    • Came to the comments hoping someone had done the math on this - so thanks 😄 I also get 5% off at coles with a family friends discount so a little cheaper again for me

    • better yet - one of the prizes on coles shake and win game is 1000 flybys ($5) off as a prize. It comes in the game every day.

      • As I mentioned in that linked deal, that's the 750 bonus points for cashews (seems to be a daily prize). I've only had the 1k points once so far.

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    Why are they no longer $8.50 a pack? They used to always be 50% off when sales came around.

    • 🦠

    • yes, they are nuts.

  • Roasted or Roasted & Salted Cashrews 750g $9.50 @ Woolworths

    Typo in title OP :)

    • Shhhhhhhh

      Thanks for pointing it out, I am not the most proficient at touch typing.

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    Packed in Australia from less than 10% AU ingredients ……. think I'll give them a miss and spend my money on local produce.

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      Locally produced cashews?

  • OP what is the standard price? How am I supposed to know if this is a deal or the regular price?

    • Regular price is $17, so you will save $7.50 in this deal.

      I’ll update the deal description.

      • +1

        Appreciated, thank you!

  • Cashews are healthy yeh?

  • Reality Check: Cashews are only grown in two places here which makes their cost uncompetitive.

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    over at the coles thread some users have reported that those cashews are not fresh

    from those who have bought before are these fresh/ crisp

    • I'm a cashew lover, but not a conniseur. They're fresh enough to me.

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    For even more value, make sure to buy the unsalted ones and just add the salt after. Salt is considerably cheaper per kg than cashews. Most places charge more if they're unsalted (from what I've seen)

  • Good deal. I love cashews but if you know how they are produced, you will maybe stop buying them. Growing them uses a lot of pesticides, it is labour intensive so only poor countries with cheap labour are able to grow them economically, its shell is poisonous and many do not have proper protection when processing.

  • kickin myself !

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