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$7 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog


note 7pm expiry - Not valid with orders from GYG, Grill'd, Hungry Jack's, KFC, McDonald's, Subway. 1 redemption per customer.

edit/update: thanks/credit to @mot for HFQV-68WE

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  • This promo runs from 20th to 30th and can be used once per day.

    Set your pick up time to the following day to combine with a second discount :)

    • Sorry - does this mean you can apply two vouchers to a single order? Or you just mean you'd be able to place two separate orders (one today, one tomorrow)

      (Sorry - commenting this again just in case other post gets deleted)

      • one today, one tomorrow

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          Thanks for the heads up! Good technique.

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    Does ordering pick up negate those pesky service fees?

    Edit: first voucher isn't valid and second voucher has expired.

    Edit 2: seems only valid for delivery (which means delivery + service fee eat the discount)

    Now I remember why I don't bother with Menulog.

    • Works with pickup as well. I've just tried it. Credit to @snoopydoop for pointing out that you have to filter it out in the cuisine section. Not all restaurants will work.

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        Filtered for "Delivered By Restaurant"
        Sorted by "Nearest First"
        Added $17 to cart which with 10% offer restaurant is running comes down to $15.30
        Goes to checkout

        "Voucher is not valid for this restaurant"

        • As I mentioned not all restaurants will work. There were some that I got to work and others I didn't.

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            @nightelves: You mentioned I had to filter it out and I did. What's the use of only having a portion of a portion work? Needless to say, I'm not walking 3km just to get some half assed discount.

            • @pennypincher98: I was disappointed as much as you were because there were some I liked but wasn't included. But managed to get something else.

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                @nightelves: That's all very well and good for you but I'm not going to support a company who turns their promotions into eBay's "eligible items" for food.

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      I got a nice Lamb Korma plus rice pickup for $8.92 after a 20% discount and $7 off.

      Note: These codes work most of the time at my favourite restaurant, but at different times has been “not valid”, although it’s a delivered by restaurant”. A quick call to MenuLog gets me a generic $10 voucher to use anytime :)

      • What do you say when you call them? Just that the voucher hasn't been working for you?

        • That the code should be valid at the particular restaurant as it meets all the conditions.

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    So far all the restaurants I've tried (not on the exclusion list) come up with the message "voucher is not valid for this restaurant".

    • Same actually, including ones that have worked with this promo before. I'm trying to order pick up.

    • This is because the restaurants that the voucher is valid for has to be 'Delivered by Restaurant'.
      a) If you go from the "For You" page, and click on Copy Code for this promo, it will automatically show a filtered list of such restaurants based on your location.
      b) If you go from the main page of results, you will need to manually search (ctrl+f) for restaurants that have "Delivered by Restaurant" tag. I can't see on Menulog's list of filters a filter for "Delivered by Restaurant" which would make this task easier..

      • There's a delivered by restaurant filter. I tried it. Still doesn't work.

        • Yep I believe I found the filter after my initial reply. Filter is "Restaurant Delivery". I've only tried it with one restaurant and it worked for me.

          Was your order is $15+ after any discounts from the restaurant itself and the code still didn't work?

          • @Alinnia: Yep
            Found Domino's delivery to work but it's still $12 for a value range pizza delivered.

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          @pennypincher98 I had a look at your screenshot. Interestingly on the Menulog app the filter is called "Delivered by restaurant", however on the Menulog website the filter is under Cuisines and is called "Restaurant Delivery" instead. I learnt something new about Menulog filters today…

      • The filter name is "restaurant delivery". I managed to find a pizza shop where the code worked - most of the other delivered by restaurant places didn't work for me.

  • HFQV-68WE sais its expired

  • For delivered by restaurant

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    Jeez what a trash "deal"

  • So does it work for Pick-up? Delivery fees +service fees + high food prices makes it useless if it works for delivery only.

    Edit- ok find "Delivered by Restaurant" but change to Pickup to Escape all those fees. Code worked.

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    Non-Cash Orders… do they accept barter?

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    Order worked but was stuck on the restaurant acceptance phase for 30min+ and they never accepted it, ultimately cancelled - with a reminder to reuse my code when I reorder but of course can't cos it's after 7pm hah. But also received an automatic complimentary 5 dollar coupon… and at least that'll work on all restaurants (I hope), including those delivered by Menulog, even though it's two bucks less off.. Feel like this happens more n more these days, orders cancelled despite restaurant being open and running etc. Combined with more n more restaurants being delivered by Menulog, who are slower and sometimes won't come to the door, combined with the new surchages plus general price hikes etc, it's slowly but surely getting less and less appealing to bother using it

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    I cancelled my Menulog account.

    Twice it happened that I applied a voucher for it to disappear after checkout and being charged full fee.

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      that happened to me once, i contacted menulog support, not only did they credit me the difference, but also gave me another voucher to use.

      • They didn't refund me the difference last night. They told me I still could use the voucher… Yeah right