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[NSW, VIC] 20x 120g Nongshim Shin Ramen Red Super Spicy (Made in Korea) $19.95 Delivered to SYD or MEL Metro @ Shopping Square


Shin Ramen Red Super Spicy is twice as spicy as original “Shin Ramen” and has a richer flavor. The flavor and deepness of the ingredients such as original spices and vegetables are in harmony with the exciting spiciness, making it an addictive spicy taste. This product is characterized by smooth noodles made with a special method and a firm taste using a special blend of high-grade noodle flour.

  • Shipped from Sydney
  • Best before March 2022


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  • +3

    Thought that photo x20 meant 20 times spicy…nearly died with x2 spicy. 🥵

  • Shopping square selling ramen… interesting

  • probably 5 times spicier than the normal one

    • Only twice as spicy I'd say. I usually add a teaspoon of 10,000 scoville chilli powder on the normal one, this one I didn't need to.

      • +1

        Where did you buy those scoville chilli powders from?

  • +1

    Roughly similar price to normal Nongshim ramen at Asian shops - bought one to have a crack, thanks OP

  • +7

    i tried these once, my rear end has never been the same.

    • Are your pipes flowing clear now?
      This is non toxic draino right?

  • +1

    I really hope there's a free tasting day sometime in the future so all those people who think Coles Mi Goreng is spicy can get introduced to real spice 😂