WA - Advice on Completing Land Transfer


I'm looking at saving some money by completing the conveyancing on a block of land that I am purchacing.

I did this once before but a long time ago.

There are some good guideline on the WA Landgate website but I can't remember/see who initiates the T1 Transfer of Land Form.

I think it is the seller. Is anyone able to confirm?



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    I don't know a lot about WA conveyancing, but I believe basically all WA settlements have to take place in PEXA (since late 2018), which can only be accessed by solicitors/conveyancers/settlement agents, not self-represented parties.

  • Thank you, this appears to be the case.

    Very dissappointing that government has allowed this to be set up as a monopoly.

    • Having done a sale recently and was also considering going DIY, but in the end for the end cost (about $450) was well worth the cost to have everything go smoothly.

      • Not sure spending money on a conveyancer is any guarantee that things will go smoothly, but congrats if yours did.

        I got told I needed to transfer my entire deposit between banks with less than 24 hours notice, and got a very "sorry not sorry" response from my conveyancer when I complained about not getting more of a heads up. Fairly stressful couple of hours there but made it in the end.

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      It's not a monopoly. There are other online conveyancing platforms. PEXA was the first. It's private not public entity. Anyone can spend $$$ and join in.

  • Just pay the $500-800 bucks to get an experienced conveyancer to do it. This is not a wise task to wing it. Lots can go wrong.