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RENPHO Foot Massager Machine $79.99 Delivered @ Renpho Wellness AU via Amazon AU


I think this is the cheapest so far for only $80 and seems like even is the new model

Remember to apply $50 coupon, cheap enough for me to buy it to try and no worry with Amazon to return if no good.

Multi-Functional Foot Massager: Renpho foot massager machine, equipped with rotation ball, rolling stick, heating, providing a professional motion of in-person shiatsu kneading and rolling foot massage experience, from toes to heels. This 3D-covered massage gives you a comfortable massage experience for the feet.

Multi-Level Massage Setting: Get exactly the kind of massage you enjoy with 3 kneading intensities and 3 squeeze pressure levels. You can select or customize according to your personal preference, each function can be controlled independently. It also features with 15 or 30 minutes auto shut-off function to prevent excessive stimulation. Please use start from intensity level low and stop using it if you feel uncomfortable.

Upgraded Heating Function with 3 Modes: Most foot massager machines on the market only heat foot bottom. Renpho FM-079R shiatsu foot massager is upgraded with more heating modes: Full feet, instep, and bottom. Also, this machine can heat up fast in 2-3 minutes. With heat function's help, the deep soothing massage will be more efficient to reduce muscle soreness and tension. Also, its heat function can be controlled independently.

Ergonomic Design: Enjoy ultimate portability using the easy-access handles to carry and transport. This Renpho foot massager machine is ergonomically designed to complement the structure of the human foot for maximum comfort, fits up to men size 12. Also, it comes with touch-screen control and remote which allows people to control the machine easily without bending over.

The Perfect Gift for Most People: Foot sleeves are breathable and detachable for cleaning and washing, fits for a family to share. Can be used at home or in the office for daily foot relaxation, would be an excellent gift for people of all ages on birthday, mother's day, father's day, thanksgiving day, and Christmas.

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  • Wow that's cheap. I use this everyday and it's great.

  • fits up to men size 12

    no deal…

  • All gone. Says 100% claimed. Bummer.

    • That is quick.

      • Thanks for the post, I got one for Mum.

        • I really have no idea what is the difference between models.

          • @superforever: It has 2 more heating modes, so there's a heating element for the full feet, instep and bottom.

            • @Ryanek: So this newer version have 2 more heating modes and even cheaper. 😁

    • +3


      Nope, feet only…

      • So many Dad jokes lately. Step up your game jv.

  • All claimed it seems

  • Thanks for posting.
    Managed to get in just before deal expired.
    Reviews seem pretty good for this item.

    • No worry, there are other models also on special but don't know why this one with discount + $50 coupon.

  • They have some more listed but at different price unfortunately. I would have got one for this price.

    • Yeah, this one still have the $50 coupon but without the extra discount.

  • This model has a lot of bad reviews and that's why the price keeps falling. Their previous sale price was $114 and now $79.99. Next drop is $69.99 or even lower.

    • Just realize I posted this model before and not sure about the review because lately Amazon reviews all mixed up with difference models together.


      • Check out the most recent two reviews.

        Amazon Customer
        2.0 out of 5 stars Not really impressed.
        Reviewed in Australia on 24 August 2021
        Verified Purchase
        I really expected better/varied kneading motion/vibration for this money. It has, basically, only one real action. Be aware this takes up a enormous amount of room. The value is not in the size of the item

        1.0 out of 5 stars Not worth the hype!
        Reviewed in Australia on 16 August 2021
        Verified Purchase
        Bought this item because of the significant hype of the previous model. This model definitely has serious amount of heat which I love however, the settings just dont sit right. All low and medium setting combinations are ones you cant feel anything unless you have gigantic feet. For high settings, it just feels like its going to crush your foot. For me personally medium compression and low/med kneeding did not do anything but high compression and low kneeding almost crushed my feet. Maybe this is just an issue with this upgraded model but this is def not worth the hype.

        • Thanks, let see if no good I will return it to Amazon.

        • Received it today.

          For high settings, it just feels like its going to crush your foot.

          All low and medium setting combinations are ones you cant feel

          I have no problem with high settings, I am size 7-8, I can feel the difference with knead between low, med and high not very big difference. With air intensity low, med, high really not the same (can't do high)?

          I have never use foot massager, not sure how is it compare with previous model.

          • @superforever: Have you received a sealed box?

            Sounds like you're keeping it.

            • +1


              Have you received a sealed box?

              Yes, sealed.

              Sounds like you're keeping it.

              So far OK for me especially for $80, I think foot size may make a difference.

            • @KOBH: SN's review from Amazon is just what I think about the high inflation settings.


              "In my view, the one bad thing about the massager, which applies to this generation and the last, is the "high" setting for the inflation function.

              The difference between medium and high inflation is quite extreme. If we're using a scale from 1 to 10, low is like 1, medium is like 4, and high is like 15, and I don't think I'm exaggerating. I don't even have big feet (Men's size 8), and it is downright painful at the high setting. I NEVER go higher than medium for the inflation, and if you have larger feet, I would think twice about even trying that setting.

              I would have liked the high inflation setting to be tuned so that the inflation isn't so severe in the high setting. Having said that, not being able to use the "high" inflation mode does not prevent you from getting a good foot massage using all the other mode combinations."

              • @superforever: While i do agree with you regarding the scale of massaging strength, ie 1 > 4 > 15 , i always have it on as high/strong as i can have it,
                I find it great.
                I suppose it comes down to your level of tolerance for a good strong massage.
                I have always loved hard deep tissue massages that can be very painful, but it works for me.

                My only complaint about the machine is its size. Its an absolute monster. Also its designed for people with huge feet, i'm male size 10 feet and feels like it will hold size 15 or whatever huge feet easy peasy.

      • I have the previous model and it's going strong after 3 months. Great for winter.

        • Do you need to put sock on?

          • @superforever: No need for socks if you like and are used to the shiatsu massage. Socks optional if you are worried about hygiene if sharing within the household. The covers are removable and washable btw.