[NSW] Best Solar Feed-in Available

A friend of mine has just finished installing a good size solar system on her house. I think she'll have a good amount of feed-in tariff.

What is the best tariff people are getting these days? I think I saw a 14c on Energy Matters but most are about 10c at best.


  • Which state you're/ friend of yours are in?

  • She's in NSW - Mardi (2259)

  • I just renewed by contract with Origin and I'm getting 17cents. I had to specifically ask for it since it's not offered on their website.

    Be weary of high tariff rates because they're usually capped for the first (x)kWh

    • Is yours capped? 17c is very good.

      • No not capped, but I'm an existing customer so your mileage may vary. I suggest you tell them your mate down the road got it for 17c when you're negotiating.

  • amount of FIT will dictate whats best, as some while having higher FIT rates are limited to the first 'x' kwh per day/quarter etc

  • im with AGL. check the rate on website.
    last time i compared, AGL is the best no cap
    unless you can get origin (old plans)

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    The plan with the highest feed in tariff may not be the cheapest plan as the rates for grid usage are probably higher

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      yep, my 20c FIT is ending in the coming months so i exported the last 2 years of data, sorted it in excel and did yearly calcs based on other plans.

      Even though the 'new' agl plan has 12c FIT, it was more expensive than some alternatives with lower due to the higher daily supply and usage charges.

      All comes down to your ratio of export/consumption what might work out better, but I'll be at least 400 bucks a year worse off once my 20c FIT deal ends :/

      • Do they tell you when your plan ends? I was on 20c FIT, never got told otherwise. I saw the new one at 12c too.

        • Yeah, my 2yr contract comes to an end in Nov
          Date was detailed in these email I received

          • @SBOB: I see. I'll probably have 6mth left on mine then. I export a lot. So this was great at 20 vs 30c.
            Did you find anything worthwhile? I think the gap (30%) is more important than the actual prices.
            I thought all daily supply was around 90c.

            • @furyou: Nothing close to comparable in current market
              Gee energy was cheapest but only by about 100 a year

              With the new faster supplier switching I'm thinking of doing summer v winter calculations and seeing if switching every April and September is beneficial, due to significantly reduced export over winter months.

  • You have to look at the plans holistically and calculate if that is better value for money for her use case. Higher FIT plans normally have higher usage and supply charges.

  • I am with AGL (NSW). I used to get 21c up until Jan this year and the FIT is now reduced to 17c.
    AGL said the rate is variable and I expect that it would go down even further soon as their best FIT on their website is currently 12c.

  • A solar feed-in tariff is a credit you get for excess solar energy that your solar power system produces and sends back to the grid. These tariffs are typically between 9 – 18 c per kilowatt-hour (kWh) but the rates vary in each state and are ultimately determined by your electricity retailer.