Ordered from AliExpress, Shipped by Amazon

I ordered something from AliExpress recently, and I selected to have it shipped from Australia. Fast forward a week and I get an unexpected Amazon delivery that has my AliExpress order inside. It's from Amazon Commercial Services and was delivered by a courier that (from my experience) only delivers Amazon packages, so it wasn't just a seller reusing an Amazon box. I was worried that I'd had a brain fart and forgotten that I'd ordered something and reordered it from a different site, but definitely no sign of this in my Amazon order history.

It doesn't really bother me, I am just curious about how this works. Has anyone else had this happen? I'd be surprised if Amazon and AE have an arrangement for Amazon to fulfill Australian AE orders, but I could be wrong. More likely I'm guessing the seller has storefronts on both sites, and somehow processes an AE order as an Amazon order? Would be interested if anyone has any insight on this.

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  • opolar.com does the same.

  • I had similar experience previously https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/629668

  • Not unusual. They can use Amazon fulfillment for orders from anywhere. There's even third party services that help automate it like this: https://www.shippypro.com/en/aliexpress-fba-integration/

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    Drop Shipping?

  • I ordered one of those mini blowers from opolar, and it turned up from Amazon, then a second one turned up from opolar direct, so it seems like their systems aren't perfect

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    Yes completely normal. An Amazon store can have their products shipped anywhere without having the customer making an order.

    There's a lot of stores on Amazon that are using the platform solely for shipping their eBay and AliExpress orders from Australia. It's a smart method of having an AU warehouse.

    • Are there some charges imposed by Amazon to Seller for such orders ? Or how do Amazon takes thr commission on such orders ?

  • Happened to me when I ordered some Neewer 660 lights. Never got a shipping number, so asked for it and they said they couldn't provide it because "they were shipping from Amazon". It arrived, but it didn't come in an Amazon box